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I made this last night and it was GREAT. Definitely a keeper. It is very similar to another recipe I use, but I liked the freshly chopped basil flavor in this one. I added about a tablespoon of finely chopped red pepper for colour, but otherwise kept the recipe the same. It not only tastes wonderful but the presentation is excellent as well and I can't wait to serve it to company.

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Just Call Me Martha October 28, 2002

We enjoyed this chicken dish very much! We made no modifications to the ingredients other than to use seasoned breadcrumbs and baby bella mushrooms. We used a pinot grigio for the white wine. Next time DH said he would just let the sauce reduce longer and possibly omit the flour. We served the dish with broccoli rabe. Thank you for a nice dinner.

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Dr. Jenny November 05, 2009

Loved this meal! Made as directed except used about 6 oz of goat cheese. I used chicken cutlets from the butcher to omit the step of thinning the breast. I had about six large cutlets. I stuffed them the nite before and left in the fridge to set-up. I did not use the twine or toothpicks & they stayed together fine. I also breaded them about 4 hours before cooking & returned them to fridge so the crumbs would adhere. The mushroom sauce was simple & delicious. I'll be making that often as a sauce with many other dishes. Served with steamed broccoli & rice pilaf. Thank you, Miss Gracie!

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Janni402 May 12, 2009

Great!!!! this actually reminds me flavorwise of the Chicken Bryan recipe we use a lot only its baked and not grilled. The cheese was warm and melty--YUM. I took Paja tips and added a little parm to the bread crumbs and flour on chicken before dipping in egg. I was really confused on how to roll them up so I just guessed. Also the breasts I use are HUGE so I used about 6oz of cheese and it was plenty. The sauce I added a crushed garlic clove with the mushrooms. Then afterwards once on the chicken and we tasted DH liked it but DD and myself added a tad of fresh lemon juice WOW that hit the spot for us. This seems very RICH so we won't have it often but will have again ALSO we served it with homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Shawn C March 17, 2009

Cooked just the chicken without the sause as DH hates mushrooms. We both loved the chicken. Definitely use the fresh basil. May add a smidge more basil next time! Excellent!

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Gidget265 September 26, 2008

Outstanding! I would be impressed if I was served this at a fancy resaurant! I have made it twice now, the first time I only had dried basil but the second time I had fresh. The fresh was WAY better (and I added some extra because I really like basil.) I also added some sun-dried tomatoes which I really liked. The second time I made extra stuffing and I would do that again. I stuffed and rolled the breasts and put them in the fridge for a while to firm up before breading them. I used the technique of rolling them in flour before the egg to get more breadcrumbs to stick. Another time I might add some parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs. I did put some dried basil in the breadcrumbs the second time and I like that. "Uncle Bill" had a great tip for flattening the chicken breasts that he posted in one of the forums and here it is: Spray the inside of a ziplock bag with vegetable oil and put the breast in. Gently pound (that sounds like a contradiction!!) the breast starting at the middle and working towards the outsides. The cooking oil prevents the breast from sticking to the bag. The bag works better than Saran Wrap or wax paper because it doesn't tear. I made the sauce pretty much as stated, but I did add a bit of cream at the end. To compensate for that I cut down the butter. I will definitely make this recipe again. It is a real winner!

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Paja March 16, 2008
Chicken Breasts with Goat Cheese and Basil