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UPDATE: 4/20/10 - Can't believe it's been three years since I made this recipe. I just made it last night and it was fab. I didn't have any mozza or fontana cheese, so I used BRIE. It was excellent! I also added a bit of cornstarch to the gravy mixture before adding it to the chicken. Still a very tasty dish! Will remember to make more often. ================ This recipe is amazing. I served it to MIL, DH's Aunt and Cousin and they all loved it! I didn't have marsala wine, so I used a white Chardonnay and followed the rest of the recipe to a T. The mixture of mushrooms and the wine/stock/drippings made a fabulous gravy while the chicken baked. The only thing I would do differently next time (and there definitely WILL be a next time) is to add the cheeses near the end as I had a bit of burnage. I would also add more of the drippings mixture to the chicken as it bakes because the gravy is so fantastic! This is a keeper and will be a staple gourmet type meal when company comes over. If you're serving it to company and presentation is important to you, I also recco you use a larger baking dish for this because it can be quite messy looking bringing it out of a smaller baker onto a serving platter. Make sure there's a decent amount of space between each piece of chicken so it's easier to remove and place on a platter for company. I served it with basmati rice, Evie's Balsamic Asparagus and ~Christine's~ Broccoli Salad You have a winner, Luby! The meal is great especially when served on a beautiful new platter! ;) DH didn't even flinch at the platter because he was too busy scarfing the chicken!

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Cathy17 April 20, 2010

I needed something quick for supper..Steve said it was on the level of his favorite Chicken Marsala from a local 5 star restaurant..This recipe has been put in a place of honor in our recipe file "Company Food"!!!! All the flavors come through.. perfectly balanced!!! An excellent addition to my tried and true!!!

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Rebbieb September 06, 2003

Yum! So fancy, but soooo easy! I loved every bit of this. Mine looked nothing like the photos (I guess I should have taken a picture) but was very pretty. I can't wait to make this for company!

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erinrach22 November 07, 2011

What a great recipe. I just love chicken marsala and this is way better. I thinned only 4 chicken breasts, pounded and cooked them, then I layered them in an oblong baking dish. Sauteed shallots for extra flavor, instead of regular onions and extra garlic then added the mushroooms to the pan. Then layered that over the cooked chicken, added the mixture of marsala and chicken broth then finished off with 1/2 parm and 1/2 mozzerella cheese. Fantastic!!! My only suggestion is that if you love sauce then make double and add extra to the baking dish, as I think this gives the chicken the tenderness it had. You could cut it with a fork. Nice flavor, wonderful smell as it cooks. If you love chicken marsala, you are going to love this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is my new favorite. I am making it for mother's day for my Mom. I only wish I could of given it 10 stars. It is that good.

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Chef Nonie39 May 05, 2009

When I first saw the other Chicken Breast Lombardy (not plural) recipe I thought this is what I wanted, but decided to search Lombardy to see if there were other ways to make it. I am so glad I did because I found yours. My best friend and I agreed it would not have been nearly as wonderful without the onions and garlic. I used 8 breasts, 1/2 the butter and pretty much doubled everything else. I thickend the sauce with cornstarch slightly and dumped it all in the baking pan. Had it with garlic mashed potatoes. We ran out of those so my friend tried the last serving on instant white rice and said it was just as good. My SIL said it was "to die for", she just doesnt say that kind of stuff so I knew we had a winner. Thanks for a better option.

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sansy September 04, 2008

Found this recipe in one of my old Southern Living books....glad to see it here....It was fabulous...the smells coming from my kitchen alerted the whole neighborhood...wonderful recipe...I doubled the sauce and put over noodles...yummy

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CIndytc July 26, 2006
Chicken Breasts Lombardy