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This recipe was delicious with a subtle hint of lemon. I made the recipe exactly as written and served it over egg noodles with a salad and garlic bread. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Dreamgoddess January 17, 2003

I had this recipe in my cookbook,and decided to make it for dinner last night.My taste buds were ready,but to my dismay,when I went to the freezer,I didn't have chicken breasts!I was determined I WAS going to fix this recipe.I used boneless chicken thighs,and the results were wonderful. My Dh is a bigger fan of lemon than me-so when I fix next time WITH chicken breasts,I think I will use ony 2 tablespoons of lemon.He didn't know there was lemon in the dish, so I think I can make him happy and me too. Thanks for sharing your recipe,Cher.:0)

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Chef 920429 January 30, 2003

I had wondered if this would actually be very lemony and it had the perfect subtle hint of lemon just as Dreamgoddess said. I made it just as the directions said and it is excellent!!!!

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Virginia Chandler January 27, 2003

I have made this recipe several times now and absolutely love it. Twice I made it, just as written, and it was great. The next time I made it I added a little fresh chopped Italian parsley, capers, and a small amount of Parmesan Cheese right at the end. I place the chicken over wide egg noodles and serve with steamed broccoli on the side. Everyone LOVES this recipe. Thanks so much.

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Matthew Molus November 22, 2006

this was really good, I used half and half cream and it turned out wonderful, I will be making this often!

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kitina February 22, 2003

This is excellent! I don't eat alot of chicken breast,because it all starts to taste the same to me. But this is so good. Sharing this with everyone at work.

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Robbin in Texas February 18, 2003

Really awesome... I LOVED it!! I added one tablespoon extra lemon juice, and discovered that my homemade chicken broth, once defrosted, was beef broth, so at that point I had to add it, and it was a really good sauce. I'll try it next time with chicken, but the beef was really good. Served it over angel hair pasta. The kids loved it too.

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Karen D. Musser February 19, 2003

This recipe is definitely a keeper for us. The wife and I loved it so much we added it to our very exclusive recipe box. I did double the wet ingredients to make more sauce and found that the 12 oz of fresh mushrooms was still enough. For those that experienced the cream separating, don't add the lemon juice until the cream starts to boil. To help quicken the thickening of the sauce, I added a couple of teaspoons of the dredging flour to the cream sauce while it was simmering. Served on linguini, this was a meal we both had to stop each other from eating the leftovers.

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Matthew H. November 26, 2014

This was delicious! But, as I was making it for guests, I did add in a little make-ahead twist so that I wasn't tied up in the kitchen while my guests were here. So, instead of cooking the chicken right through in the frying pan, I only cooked it for 2-mins each side . . enough to get the delicious golden brown crunchy coating but not enough to cook it straight through. I then followed the rest of the recipe as stated, but, instead of putting the chicken back into the frying back with the sauce to simmer, I took the sauce (made exactly as stated in the recipe, by the way) off the heat and let it cool down a little. Then, I put the chicken in a ceramic baking dish and dumped all the sauce/mushrooms straight onto it instead, and then stuck the dish in the fridge. That way, after my guests had arrived, all I had to do was let it come back to room temperature, then slide the baking dish into a preheated 350 degree over for 45 minutes - and the chicken came out moist and juicy and perfectly cooked. Note: I tasted the sauce before putting it in the oven and it tasted VERY lemony and I wasn't convinced, lol, even though I followed the recipe exactly . . . but it toned down very nicely after baking and actually was perfect. Will definitely be making this again!

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Michaelk69 August 15, 2014

YUMMO. Everyone loved it, I have been looking for a recipe like this for a while, I just put the sauce over some penne pasta and served as a side with salmon, great taste, I didn't have heavy cream so i used 1/2 and 1/2 and turned out fantastical! thanks 4 sharing

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supermommy83 April 30, 2012
Chicken Breasts in Lemon Cream Sauce