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I'm joining the crowd of folks who thought this was a great tasting, easy and quick to prepare recipe. I followed one reviewer's suggestion and sliced the chicken breasts into strips prior to cooking and then tossed them back into the reduced honey/balsamic glaze for maximum effect of the tasty glaze. I made extra glaze so we'd have some to drizzle over the aromatic rice. Thanks for the inspiration I needed for tonight's dinner!

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CAMom49 May 17, 2009

This was amazing! I'm making it again next week. The only thing I did differently was put the cooked chicken breasts on a cookie sheet (covered with foil and sprayed with cooking spray) poured the sauce over them and stuck them under the broiler for five minutes. Boo yah!

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PenlopePitstop September 27, 2012

This was super yum...The only thing that I would change is to make more sauce. Served over white rice and the entire pan was gone, once the chicken was gone we used the rice to finish up the sauce...Super yum

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Chef Mikey #6 May 24, 2010

Great recipe. Due to the south Texas humindy I had no salt, and also had to Tyme, so i substituted Garlic Pepper and Italian Seasoning and it was still amazing. Also it might have been my cooking or the design of the recipe but I did notice that the glaze if allowed to set will thicken to a state that is even thicker and tackier then honey, so make sure you clean up any pans, dishes or utensils that you used with the glaze quickly to avoid having to scrape.

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jedensuscg August 03, 2008

This recipe was easy to follow. I did flatten the chicken breast a bit so that it would cook better. Warning: when cooking with balsamic vinegar, it will make your house stink! My daughter didn't want to try, I had to reassure her that it was going to taste much better then its smell, took some convincing but she did try and liked it! I will definitely make again but perhaps on days when I can ventilate our house a little better (weather permitting open windows!). A very tasty recipe! A+++ p.s. I would have rated it a five but the smell when cooking made it a four *lol*

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LoveMy2Angels February 14, 2008

The first time I made this, we rated it as a 3, but made it again and doubled the vinegar and honey and really enjoyed it even more. Thanks for another great recipe.

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NavyWife'nMom December 27, 2007

I did everything the same as the recipe except I cut my chicken into one inch strips. I used three tablespoons of both the vinegar and honey. The smaller strips mean you need more glaze, but there is more flavor in every bite. It was so good, both my husband and my kids loved it. We didn't have a single bite leftover!

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CharmedChef February 16, 2007

This was fast and easy, but a little on the sweet side. If I make it again I will cut the honey in half. I doubled the glaze recipe and pounded the breasts thin to cook faster.

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agileangus November 19, 2014

Delicious. Quick and simple. Two things I did that others might consider: 1.) I was without Balsamic vinegar, so I used a red wine vinegar which turned out very nicely. Then red wine flavoring really comes out and adds a more complicated taste. 2.) I added a very small thin slice of butter to the glaze to mellow the intense bitterness that can arise from vinegar.

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Byron H. November 02, 2014

This is a fabulous recipe, and will go into my regular rotation. Like others, I sliced the chicken breasts lengthwise into 1? strips (I used 1 lb of chicken breasts which was 2 generous servings). Sprinkled the thyme/salt/pepper on both sides and added a pinch of basil and some garlic powder. Tossed them on the grill (I brushed some vegetable oil on the grill first) at medium/high heat for approximately 4 minutes grill time total while the honey/vinegar mixture was warming up in a skillet. Brought the chicken back in and tossed it into the sauce. Served over a bed of rice pilaf. I had doubled the sauce recipe, so there was plenty to drizzle over the rice. Amazing flavor, few ingredients and easy prep. Also an impressive presentation? will be perfect to serve guests. Thanks for sharing this recipe Amber Dawn.

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KarenAnn Utah June 26, 2014
Chicken Breast With Honey-Balsamic Glaze