Chicken BLT Wrapwich

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This is from Best Foods Mayonnaise. I like to make it a Chicken BLAT by adding avocado.

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  1. Squeeze Mayonnaise generously onto tortillas, then layer lettuce, tomato, chicken, and bacon down center or each tortilla.
  2. To serve, roll and fold the filled tortilla.
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A BLT with chicken breast on it, what a great idea! I cooked up a chicken breast with a little black pepper, cayenne and garlic on it and used that, chopped up in the wrap. This made for a delicious and filling lunch today. Thank you cookiedog for another great recipe! Made for PAC Spring 2011.

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Delicious wrap! The lettuce wasn't looking so good at the store, so I used spinach. It worked out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

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What can I say? These are really good! My dh decided he wanted to try a wrap, so we had these. I used packaged slices of real turkey breast (not the pressed stuff) and cooked my bacon semi-crisp (personal preference). Simple & good! Made for I Recommend Tag-Feb'10.