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These enchiladas were very good. They went together very quickly and easily. Cooking the chicken in the bouillon and spices really gave it a fantastic flavor. My chicken breasts were large so I used 3 instead of 4. For the sauce, I added the larger amount of water as I wanted it a little thinner. Also, I added the adobo seasoning (from "The Spice House"), and some sugar to give it a little more flavor. I used soft taco sized flour tortillas and there was enough filling to make 8 large enchiladas. My family enjoyed these very much, and I will definitely be making them again. Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

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Bayhill July 14, 2007

As simple and easy is this recipe is, the taste is absolutely fabulous! My whole family loved it and it really didn't take long to make. To think I used to buy enchilada sauce already made in a can--I will never do that again. The sauce in this recipe is very easy and oh so tasty. Thank you for this recipe which I will be making on a regular basis.

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sandragayk February 26, 2016

This was awesome, I did cheat with the chicken and microwaved it for 20 min. with all of the seasonings in the water and it came out great. I ended up with 8 enchiladas. I made two without cheese for me and they were really good too! Thanks for posting such a yummy recipe

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Pixie's Kitchen August 22, 2007

This was delicious! I only made 2 small changes. Because I had no chicken boullion cubes, I used chicken stock in the poaching liquid for the chicken. Then for the sauce, I reused the strained poaching liquid instead of adding new chicken broth. I used the really nice San Marzano tomato paste that you can buy in a tube. The sauce was killer! Even my picky, British-food-loving husband, who does not like Mexican food, enjoyed it. Kater, you are justified in being proud of this recipe.

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2B's June 17, 2007
Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas