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What a fun recipe to work with. I really didn't think the sauce would thicken, but it sure did. We thought the mixture was a little dry in the end so we added some honey and wowsers was it wonderful. We are going to add it to the mix next time before we back it. It had a wonderful baklava taste to it. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

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Shbba December 23, 2010

I thought mine turned out alittle dry and was rather average for me. Used only dark meat (boneless chicken thighs) for easy shredding later, upped the amt of cinnamon powder, reduced the egg component and still found it abit too "eggy" for me. Thought the egg taste overpowered the shredded chicken.The almond crunchy bits was a nice touch (couldnt help munching on it after dry frying them with 1 tbsp of sugar and cinnamon) but it somehow still didnt quite taste like the bastillas I had in Marrakesh. Still dreaming and craving for that heavenly pastry... Too bad it's pretty hard to find a good restaurant serving bastilla in this part of Asia. Was pretty fun putting the recipe together though.

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Cook Food Mood April 26, 2010

Great, horizon-broadening recipe for me. I have never encountered this before so when I was putting it together I didn't really know what I was aiming for. I did not use all of my chicken in this...I put the rest in some remaining phyllo with some steamed broccoli and feta. As suggested here, I maximized the dark meat. This was my first time attempting anything with a whole chicken. I removed the skin and any fat I could see before starting, and I also removed the yolks from 2 of my eggs to lighten it up a bit. The reduced sauce was wonderful. It took awhile, and at times I thought that it wouldn't go down, but it did and it was a great flavor. I unfortunately did not have saffron, which would have been nice, but this was still a great recipe. I made the components the day before, then assembled about 6 hours before baking, and everything was just fine (under some plastic wrap to keep things moist). I also scored the top of my phyllo into the portion sizes I planned to have so that it would be easier to cut once cooked. Thank you for sharing this interesting recipe!

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Meredith C-ville January 04, 2010

Superb, sublime. It's just as I remembered it from when I was younger. It takes more time if you do a proper prep, but it's wonderful.

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tracytrebilcox December 24, 2009

I made this for a party with a few modifications: I made the chicken (4 thighs only) and reduced the sauce the day before and kept it refrigerated overnight. Instead of one large phyllo package I made three rolls (burrito or eggroll style) using one 3-4 layered sheet of phyllo, and I only ended up using about 2/3 of the egg mixture. I brushed the tops with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon mixed with powdered sugar and some ground almonds before baking. It was a big hit with the other bastilla fan at the party , but I think I would have prefered more cinnamon and possibly a bit higher chicken/egg ratio.

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huskiebear December 18, 2006

I'd been encountering several fits of nostalgia for the sweet, comforting bastillas of Fes when I caved in and tried out this recipe. Since a good pigeon is hard to find, chicken makes a fair substitute, but you're better off using less of it (the flavor and texture are much better if you only use the dark meat). Even so, this is an easy way to pull of a rather delicate, delicious, and very filling dish that will delight everyone.

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sock-monster July 22, 2004
Chicken Bastilla