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Delicious chili! I made exactly as directed and was very pleased with the results! Nice and saucy, but not soupy.

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J-Lynn March 18, 2007

This was a quick and very easy meal to make, I used chicken thighs I skinned and deboned them myself. I used the bones to make the broth and I used the broth to cook my barley, I also used fire roasted diced tomatoes, dice jalapenos,minced garlic, 8oz can of tomato sauce, and I added a half cup of beer to inhanes the flavor. I omitted the can due to my daughter having food allergies. It turned out great.

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adrionacarr July 23, 2015

Yummy. I only used about 1/3 cup salsa and regular barley. No chicken broth so I just made my own by simmering a bunch of veggie chunks and seasonings for about an hour. Then I added the chicken breasts and simmered them for about 25 minutes. It was really thick and tasty. DH loved it! Thanks for posting.

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ShoeboxLife April 07, 2013

I made a TON of changes - and LOVED the result. Used regular pearl barley which required 4 cups of water and 40 minutes simmer. I also minimized use of canned ingredients. Fresh tomatoes... about 5 medium, more tomatoes, tomatillos, onion, garlic and spices for the salsa, 1 seeded jalapeno, 1 seeded pablano pepper, about 3 tsp of ancho chili (no chili powder in the cabinet) some extra garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, mexican oregano to make chili powder substitute, mesquite smoke powder, adobo spice, and finally chipotle powder for extra kick. I also used about 5 med corn cobs for corn - which admittedly, was a bit much. Stuck with the 1 can of rinsed beans. I will definitely be making this again and have these notes as support for next time. Thanks for posting the original recipe base! :)

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Gidget265 August 09, 2010

This is SO good. I made changes, all of which I will do again. I used a whole carton of chicken broth to replace the chicken broth/water, and a can of chicken in place of the fresh. Instead of chili powder, I used some Korean hot sauce. I also added adobo seasoning. Awesome!

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juniperwoman June 22, 2009

This recipe is so good! I use one pound of ground chicken. I cook that and add the rest of the ingredients to the same pot. I like to freeze individual servings to take for lunch at work. My husband loves this recipe as much as I do.

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npettit May 21, 2009

This is a great recipe. I steamed about 3 chicken breasts and then cut them up into little chunks while the 1st 7 ingredients were simmering. Although I am not currently following weight watchers, I think this recipe would be great for those who are. This recipe freezes well and is perfect for lunch or dinner.

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Papayaraya January 28, 2009

YUMMY!! I used fire-roasted tomats and Newman mild salsa. I also used organic black beans & no-salt added corn. I only made 2 changes....I added 2 3/4c of water b/c that filled my saucepan literally to the brim. Also, after adding the chicken I let it gently boil for about 25-30 minutes b/c it seemed kind of watery. In the end, I got 11 servings which I put in individual containers and will freeze to take to work for lunch. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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LillyZackMom December 13, 2008

Very good recipe! The sodium can be reduced without sacrificing the taste. Just use the no/low salt canned veggies and low sodium chicken broth. I highly recommend topping with the last two ingedients.

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oklahomalynchs February 13, 2008

Yum!! Great flavor and very hearty and healthy! Some minor changes...I added the chicken at step one - it was still frozen, so it poached while the barley cooked (my barley was not the quick-cooking kind so it had a lot of time to simmer on the stove). I was out of chili powder, so I used some cayenne and paprika in its place (no idea if this is even close to a reasonable substitution, but it seemed to do the trick). I also added a finely chopped chipotle pepper for some nice smoky heat. After the beans and corn were added I let it all simmer for another half hour or so with the lid on (DH wasn't home yet) since I didn't want to reduce it any further. Just before serving I took out the chicken and shredded it with a fork. Oh! And the salsa I used was actually a mango salsa; the sweetness was actually quite nice amongst all the spice. My first time cooking with barley, but it won't be the last - even if I only use it to make this delicious recipe again.

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hepcat1 January 18, 2008
Chicken Barley Chili