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This is a very good tasting salad, with ingredients that go together well. The suggestion to serve it in avocado shells is not, in my opinion, a very good one. First of all, I don't think its really all that attractive. Next, maybe because I increased the celery considerably, it wouldn't fit in the fairly big avocado shells I had. Also because I do not really like having things that are inedible mixed up in my food, and lastly because I don't like taking extra time for things that are not useful. I do prefer the egg chopped and mixed in the salad. However, I would never subtract one star for this - half at most. And it gains a half for the lovely flavor. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us. I am sure there are more artsy crafty people around who would agree with your serving advice.

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mianbao July 01, 2013

This is a refreshing meal when eaten with lettuce.

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charliedacia May 08, 2004
Chicken-Avocado Salad