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As a self-confessed “black sheep” of the Great American Chicken Soup Eaters family, I simply do not like chicken noodle soup and so I was delighted to find this recipe (which I stumbled into by complete accident). By sheer coincidence, I had just used a chicken carcass to make a couple of quarts of homemade low sodium chicken stock, and so I used that instead of the water and bouillon called for in the recipe. Also, for medical reasons, I cannot eat spinach or kale, and so I used an equivalent amount of thinly sliced fresh Brussels sprouts instead. I was very pleasantly surprised because that involuntary substitution actually added a pleasant very slight crunch to the soup. The overall flavour is pleasantly intense due (at least in part) to the aromatic vegetables in the recipe. And with the “nippy” air now getting a very firm grasp on the brass monkeys in our neighbourhood, it was just what the doctor ordered and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in my family. (That would be EIMF for those of you who are too lazy to spell these things in full.)

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Fido ®™ October 20, 2002

I had some left over chicken in the freezer that needed to be used & I wanted to make soup with it. I wanted a Chicken Veg. Soup instead of Chicken Noodle so went on here to see what was available. This one grabbed my interest mostly because of the Spinach. It sounded very healthy. I eliminated the peas and added chopped celery. Other than that no changes. Has excellent taste & was easy to make. Would definately make it again.

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SheilaR March 21, 2005
Chicken and Vegetable Soup