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I made this last night and it was really delicious. I did not realize it until after I was well into the recipe but I did not have either a lemon or red wine vinegar, so I used a splash of lime juice. Also I cheated and used chicken buillon cubes and chicken breast instead of a whole chicken. But the combination of chicken, potatoes, turnips and turnip greens was wonderful. Thank you Ana for a lovely soup.

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Yonah December 17, 2005

Excellent soup with turnips fresh from the garden. Love the combination of carrots, potatoes, onions, turnip greens, and turnip root! Tasty in a very healthy way, and we actually had it during a cold spell here in Florida. I did use chicken breasts and packaged chicken broth. I'll bet it would be even better with a fresh, whole chicken, and its broth.

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sandwhich04 March 08, 2013

I suspect the freshness of the ingredients might make a difference... I used chicken breasts, canned turnip greens (no turnips), and whole small red potatoes. No stock, but chicken bouillion cubes. In a crockpot all day, which smelled good but didn't do anything for the chicken breasts. I also left out the pasta, which in retrospect might have absorbed some of the water. What I ended up with was a thin broth with potatoes and green stuff.

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kirstin.steele October 13, 2009
Chicken and Turnip Soup