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Excellent !! Made it last night, doubled the recipe with some very minor changes (canned evap. milk instead of 1% and only 10 oz. of spinach between 2 quiches). Very good and easy comfort food. Thanks.

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HeartlandKim November 04, 2009

Wow! One of the best quiches I've made. Great recipe from Bruce's "Diet Doctor." I had to make a few modifications to the recipe because I didn't have some ingrediants in stock (mixed cheddar, asaigo, & parmesean cheese instead of swiss, shallots instead of onions, & added 2 cloves garlic)& I'm sure calories were impacted. However,the egg mixture that binds the quiche together was what I would consider the real treasure. It made the quiche moist and flavorful! Hard not to have seconds! RJH & I anticipated the leftovers for lunch today.

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Bohemian on a sojourn January 09, 2007

This was a delicious quiche. I doubled and a half the recipe and used 2 deep dish crusts. This is a very versatile recipe that I will make again and again. Next time I will only prebake the crust five minutes or I will put foil over the edges as the crust got a bit burnt before the filling was done. Also, I wasn't sure where the cheese fit in. It didnt list what to do with it in the directions. I put some with the chicken and spinach, some in the egg mixture, and some sprinkled on top. I've already had 1/4 of one pie. Its rich and tasty. Thanks!

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danlynclark January 03, 2005

First, let me say this smelled WONDERFUL while it baked. My husband kept sniffing impatiently around the kitchen along with the kids. I gave the man 1/4 of the pie to make him happy and he went back for seconds!! It tasted as well as smelled and I didn't make enough to keep every one happy. I'll have to make 2 next time. Secondly, it took me more like 25 minutes prep time before the 'finished product' was in the oven. I'm counting the time it took to bake the pie shell for the first 10 since I was chopping away the whole time it was baking and the spinach, of course, needed steamed and the cheese needed shredding . I had to make a few changes to use what I had on hand... I used a 9" DEEP DISH pie shell and since I didn't have swiss I used up my CHEDDAR cheese. I steamed the spinach to help keep it 'dry' (I wrung it out a handful at a time REALLY well before I used it in the pie) and I added 3 GARLIC cloves (I rarely cook without it -it's our favorite). I used fat-FULL mayo and more like a 1/2 cup of RED onion. I found that 2 eggs were just not enough. After I poured in the 2 egg mixture it sank to the bottom just coming up half way. I added another EGG after mixing it with a splash of milk and a dollop of mayo and that was perfect -it had room to rise a little bit and didn't come near to overflowing. Next time -and there will be a next time- I will try using 4. I also brushed the crust with melted BUTTER. Maybe the extra room from the deep shell and super dry spinach is why I needed the extra egg -regardless it turned out beautifully! I'd can't wait to try it with the recommended swiss -or maybe even feta. Make sure you thank your Diet Doctor for me, Bruce. This one was a winner before it even got outta the oven. :o)

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AlohaBEL December 29, 2004

I was so happy with this quiche. I used 4 eggs, about 4 oz fresh spinach, 3/4c lowfat yogurt instead of mayo, and skipped the milk. I used 1/8t garlic salt instead of plain salt. I mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I put Parmesan cheese, 8 crushed saltines and a sprinkle of Emeril's seasoning over the top, Like some other reviewers, I baked it an extra 10 minutes. It was so yummy!

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MeredithYeverino December 13, 2010

I really changed this up - but it turned out great! I used a 12 oz. can of chicken, cheddar cheese and broccoli instead of spinach. Did not have deep-dish pie shells - so it filled 2 regular pie shells. Instead of Thyme or Basil, I added Lemon-Pepper. My family loved it! Thanks RecipeZaar!

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Charlene Robinson April 24, 2009

I took the advice to the prior reviewers. Squeezed the spinach well, add an extra egg and baked the crust in a 10" dish about 6 mins. before adding the filling. Also added some thyme. Next time I would add some hot stuff, just our taste. Thanks for a keeper.

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Andrea in NH August 06, 2005
Chicken and Spinach Quiche