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Another excellent chicken curry recipe of yours. I did make several changes though. I increased the ground coriander to 1 Table, increased the chili powder to 1 tsp. and did not add the 1/2 tsp. fennel seeds as I don't like a very strong fennel flavor. I deboned the chicken after the curry had cooled down and then added sour cream at the end, since I didn't have yogurt. I think that this curry is also very good without the dairy and I might eliminate it next time.

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Andtototoo! July 15, 2007

Wonderful. I used 4 chicken breasts cut into big chunks, so didn't need anything like as much water as recipe said, just enough to make paste, and a smidge more once chicken was in. Spinach is watery anyway, so I didn't add any more at all, or cook as long as stated. I too increased ground coriander to 1 tablespoon, and was a bit sparing with the fennel. Really tasty !

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BrooksieBB April 19, 2012

This is a great Curry. We use Ghee instead of oil and whole spices, lightly toasted then ground to give it a more authentic flavor. Chicken stock can replace the water if you have any and fresh Spinach also makes a difference. Anyway you like, it's still a great Curry!

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Chillichef September 24, 2008

It took only one bite before DH was saying we have to make this again soonest. I am going to venture to say, this is probably our favorite recipe of yours to date. I might change my mind, but it is definitely DH's favorite. First, my changes: Had to use chicken breast, and a little less than the amount called for, and didn't have ground fennel or the inclination to make it at the time. Everything else was just as called for. I think the #1 reason this is a keeper is because it is one of the very few recipes in which chicken breast is not too dry or boring. Having said that, this weekend when we make it, we will surely be using jointed chicken. I cannot imagine (and DH is swooning at the thought) how much this will add to the flavor. It's already 5-star. I loved the process of doing the spinach separate. The smell of the butter/spices/spinach is heaven. I was tempted to skip the yogurt as another reviewer had said it wasn't necessary, but I am SO glad I added it. It just took it to another level. Ok, my stomach is growling, and my lunch isn't nearly as appetizing as last night's dinner was. :) Thanks again, BrianH!!!

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MrsMM February 12, 2008

This was very good - great taste. My only issue was that it was a little watery. I'm not sure how I could thicken it. I added another tablespoon of yogurt but it didn't help too much. Thanks for the recipe!

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eillena October 24, 2007
Chicken and Spinach Curry