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Excellent sandwich. I used chicken breasts that had been grilled and seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning and subbed provolone for the mozzarella cheese. I also had ciabatta style brat buns on hand and didn't do the panini thing just microwaved to heat through. Hubby loved this quick, easy and flavorful sandwich.

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Ms B. July 20, 2007

Oh boy were these paninis yummy! I used sauteed onions and green pepper in place of the roasted red peppers as I didn't have any on hand. Everyone loved them and I especially liked the mayo/ranch mixture. Thanks Auvan!

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mums the word January 09, 2011

Yippee! These sandwiches were awesome!! I served them for dinner tonight with a side of raw green beans and broccoli wih veggie dip. Instead of slices of chicken, I bought thin-sliced chicken cutlets, pounded them a bit, seasoned w/ salt and pepper and cooked them on the stove - in my calphalon pan so they were nicely browned. For bread I bought a pre-sliced loaf of Tuscan French bread from the bakery in the supermarket. It was perfect. I grilled the sandwiches in a cute little panini maker that my DS acquired last year from a rewards program. Since I was only making 1 sandwich at a time, I made the first one according to the recipe for my sons to split to see if they liked the roasted red peppers. They did!! But did not like the mayo-ranch so I left it off the next sandwich they split. With the gooeyness (sp?) of the mozzarella I cut way back on the mayo/ranch and only lightly coated one of the slices of bread for the remainder of the sandwiches I made. Since Auvan mentioned how good they were re-heated, I kept making sandwiches and ended up with 7 :-) Some of my bread slices were small and I could only fit 1/2 slice of mozz on each half, plus I started out with more than a single breast of chicken (1.25 lbs). I can't decide whether to freeze the remaining 3 sandwiches or have them for lunch this week!

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Ellee May 05, 2009

A wonderful sandwich. I had to use french bread, sliced very thickly, and added some sauteed onions. Cooked in my panini press, and they are perfectly tasty! Also good cold the next day. Thanks!

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~Bekah~ June 21, 2007

Yummy! I love grilled sandwiches, so I knew this would be good! I added sauteed portabella mushrooms and substituted rye bread and provolone cheese. The mayo/ranch dressing sauce is great! To make the bread crispy, I sprayed it with butter-flavored spray and grilled it for a couple minutes on each side. There was no need to microwave because everything was warm. Thanks for the recipe, Auvan!

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Lucky Clover September 21, 2006
Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini Style Sandwiches