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Would have been better had I used only 1/2 cup of rice. I used 1 cup because I thought 3 cups would be too much. It was more like rice stew. Good flavor--I added more pepper and less salt and omitted the milk. Think I'll stick to classic chicken and rice.

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larliepop June 21, 2008

This was FABULOUS!!! My son at school read the story Chicken Soup With Rice and came home begging me to make it. He had strict requirements, being that it couldnt "have anything but chicken and rice in it". So I searched on good old Zaar, and here this was. I did make a few changes, however. I didnt brown the chicken because it was frozen, so I just threw them and the chicken broth and seasonings in the crockpot and let them boil. I then took the chicken breasts out and shredded them, and then put them back in. I then turned up the heat for it to boil, and then followed the rest of the recipe. At the end it didnt look liquidy at all, so I added another 3 cups of broth into it, and that helped it look more like soup. Very filling, probably because of all the rice. It made ALOT of soup, and I am going to freeze this to have on rainy days later this spring when it is cold and drizzly and I need something warm and soothing. Fantastic soup, and will be used again! I am posting a picture for you as well. Thanks!!!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ March 26, 2007
Chicken And Rice Soup