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I was really excited about this recipe because it looked so easy, had interesting seasonings, and was scaled for just one person. My concern with it is the amount of water called for. I used the 3 cups, as called for, but ended up draining off 2 cups of liquid before serving (and taking the picture I posted). While I enjoyed the dish, I have to wonder how much flavor went down the drain with the extra liquid. I'd suggest trying this with just one cup of water, and adding a little salt along with the rice. Otherwise, a good easy meal for those nights when you are only cooking for one. Thanks for posting!

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IngridH November 19, 2009

I made this for my family so I changed the quantities. I also realized halfway through that I was out of soy sauce and curry powder!
So, I used 2 chicken breasts, 10 basil leaves, and 1 cup of rice. I omitted the curry since I didn't have it, and used 3 tsp of stir fry sauce since it's what I had instead of soy. When adding the second batch of water I used a little less than 2 cups and it came out perfectly - not soupy at all. The rice I used was jasmine, and I usually use 2 cups of water per 1 cup of rice. Since there was already liquid in the pot, I reduced the water a bit.
My husband and kids all enjoyed it (and I'm talking preschoolers and toddlers) and it was super easy.
Next time I'll add the curry!

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The Portugarians October 07, 2010

This is one of my favorite things to cook! It's so easy and it's SUPER delicious. In terms of there being too much water, I find that adding only slightly less than three cups (I eyeball it, but it's not a significant amount that I leave out) is sufficient. Then, when I've got everything covered and boiling, I keep lifting the lid to see how glutinous the liquid in the pot looks. When it starts looking goopey, I uncover the rice and just let the water cook down while stirring constantly. SO flavorful and delicious, and it's easily adapted for feeding more than one! There's something about the way the soy sauce and the curry mix together that is spectacular. I'm using madras curry and a specialty soy sauce purchased at a local Japanese market. Mmmm.

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Aishitara December 06, 2009
Chicken and Rice