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My family loved this dish. The chicken was sooo tender and my rice didn't get hard like it does in some chicken and rice recipies. I did cover it while I baked it to ensure the rice on the top would not harden and so the chicken wouldn't get too dry. I also added a can of mushrooms and some shredded cheddar cheese to the soups. Very easy to make.

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Rayna August 20, 2002

I've been using this recipe for so long I'm surprised and a little embarrassed that I haven't reviewed it before now.<br/>The rice is always the perfect texture and the mix of soups make the rice a tasty dish even after the chicken has run out. I used to try to use brown rice but that doesn't work.it takes forever to cook and is crunchy.<br/>The paprika adds a little kick without being overpowering and I've used it with dark meat breasts tenders - there isn't a cut I've used that hasn't been tender and juicy in this recipe.<br/>I haven't experimented with other soup combinations because I've been so happy with the results but I do about my only problem with this recipe is that cream of celery tends to be more expensive and harder to find.<br/>Update: I saw another review that claims the rice didn't cook for them. I can't speak for their experience but I've made this at least five years. I've used uncooked short and long grain white rice and brown rice and while the brown rice does take longer to cook I've never had rice in this dish come out uncooked.I've used both grocery store and health food organic rice. The top layer of rice can be crunchy but to my taste it adds texture and it easily mixes into the cooked rice underneath.<br/>On another note I recently substituted cream of broccoli for cream of mushroom and its yum.

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Angela Curtis June 01, 2013

Very disappointed in my attempt at making this recipe. The flavor was awesome but I followed the recipe exactly and after 5 hours of cooking... my rice was still hard. I did add fresh broccoli for some nutrition and I feel that it made the flavor even better. I am not sure if people are using minuit rice or not but I used uncooked rice like the recipe called for and it never cooked. <br/><br/>I don't know if I will try again, this was a major pan of "dinner flop". Anyone trying it I would add alot of liquid if using uncooked rice or maybe even try using a precooked rice.

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mandak17 April 15, 2013

Loved this great recipe! I used what I had in the pantry, cheese soup 2 cans and 1 cream mushroom. I used minute rice, and it came out smooth and creamy. Go for it ladies, you won't be sorry!!!!!!!!

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m sutphen June 16, 2008

This was definitely a hit in our home. The chicken was so tender and the skin got nice and crispy. I could not get enough of this delicious rice! I added a bit of pepper, paprika and chili powder to the rice and sprinkled poultry seasoning on the skin. I do think there was an awful lot of butter, though. Next time I will cut back to maybe 1/4 cup of butter instead.

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Soup Fly * January 17, 2006

A very easy recipe. I thought the chicken was a little boring. I had to cook for additional 15 minutes and the rice was alittle undercooked in some spots. I think I will try again, adding some spices to the chicken and maybe a little more liquid to the rice.

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nichollssj July 26, 2005

We love this recipe! I have made this at least 6 or 7 times in the last few monthes and it has turned out perfectly every time. My husband and I can't get enough of the rice! Thanks for posting what has become our favorite chicken recipe!

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melndan November 09, 2004
Chicken and Rice