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I found I didn't care for the taste of the orange rind and ended up picking it out. I'm still giving the recipe 5 stars though, as the sauce is lovely and matches with the chicken and red pepper perfectly. I had no pepper flakes, so instead I used minced chilli and fried it off with the garlic and ginger. Added a nice hot bite to it. I used some julienne-cut zucchini as well since I love lots of vegetables. Thanks for a lovely dinner!

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Talicca July 08, 2006

Did a fair amt of stir fry when I lived in the US, but I hadn't lately so this was like "going home" & really tasted good to me. It was easy to make, I served it w/my version of quick fried rice & added only mushrooms - Gotta have mushrooms for me. Loved the tasty sauce & was glad I made extra sauce as 1 reviewer suggested. Thx for posting Ev.

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twissis June 21, 2006

In response to Chef Kate's comments, I replaced the pepper flakes with a while dried chile (unbroken) purchchased in my local Asian market, and removed it just before serving. Also dumped in some baby corn leftover from another meal. The sauce was quite wonderful -- the orange, ginger & pepper combination was a big hit -- and my biggest regret was there wasn't quite enough to glaze the rice served with the stirfry. Next time I'll double up the sauce. Thanks evelyn.

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justcallmetoni May 21, 2006

So good--but it took a little longer than 17 minutes, but maybe I'm slow. The orange red pepper sauce is so good that when I make this again I will use more orange rind and more red pepper. The only complaint--it could be a little spicier, but I don't think the answer is more hot sauce (too vinegary); I think it needs the addition of one or two little hot red peppers, minced along with the sweeet pepper and orange rind.

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Chef Kate May 26, 2005
Chicken and Red Pepper Stir Fry