Chicken and Ramen Noodles

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Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

I learned this simple recipe in high school from my friend Stacey. It's now a family favorite. It may sound odd but give it a try! I usually substitute bean thread/cellophane noodles for the Ramen noodles.

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  1. Make the noodles as directed. Drain.
  2. Add the chicken breast* and water to cover in the same pot, bring to boil and then simmer until meat is done. Remove and chop chicken but reserve broth.
  3. *I will often put a washed egg in with the chicken to make the hard boiled egg.
  4. Put in about 1/2 a packet of seasoning from the Ramen if that’s what you used, otherwise just leave it or add a dash of ginger-root or some concentrated bouillon.
  5. Place noodles in bowl. Top with chopped chicken, then egg and onions. Pour about 1/4 cup broth over all. Add soy sauce and lots of pepper to taste. Enjoy!
  6. Also good if you add slightly steamed pea pods or peas, or any other veggies.