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This was very good, full of flavor and vibrant with color. The directions were very clear and easy to follow. While the flavor was quite tasty, I found the sauce a bit too thin and not quite as rich as expected. Also, even after cooking the pumpkin for the full alotted time, it was still too firm after step 11, and the sauce was still rather thin. I had to let it cook at least another 10 minutes and still felt it could have stewed even longer to allow the flavor of sauce to meld with the pumpkin more. Even so, I really enjoyed this dish and look forward to making it again.

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HeatherFeather February 08, 2003

This was fantastic! I have cooked it twice now -- it makes an excellent lunch! I find that I use an entire can of evaporated milk and simply add 1-2tsp of chicken stock powder, instead of using chicken stock. This gives a bit of a creamier taste and removes the problem of what to do with the left over evaporated milk. I also found that mixing some cornflour into some water and slowly adding small amounts towards the end of cooking helped me get a nice thick consistency that I like in a curry. Top recipe!

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asqui August 14, 2007
Chicken and Pumpkin Curry