Chicken and Pineapple Macaroni Salad (Filipino Style)

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Total Time
15 mins
10 mins

I serve this salad along with my other party entrees, always turns out to be a crowd pleaser.. enjoy! =)

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  1. Boil Macaroni till cooked, set aside in fridge as you are preparing the following ingredients.
  2. dice chicken breast into cubes.
  3. dice pineapple (tidbit size).
  4. peel and dice apple.
  5. dice cheddar cheese.
  6. mix raisins along with the cooked macaroni and all diced ingredients in a large bowl, stir in enough mayonnaise to bind all ingredients together as you don't want your salad too fattening and too creamy.
  7. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper, you may serve this delicious salad at room temp or cold from your fridge. enjoy!
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Delicious. I used grapes rather than raisins, as that's what I had on hand. I used 1 cup of elbow macaroni and always use Hellmans mayonnaise, as it is the best.

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Very good! Easy to make. When the recipe calls for 2 cups of macaroni is that cooked or uncooked? Two cups cooked really hide the other ingredients. I refrigerated it about 6 hrs prior to serving and flavors blended. Great recipe for a potluck meal.

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this is an all time Filipino favorite. specially christmas time. my sister taught me how to do this when i was 12, now i am 50. whew, how time flies! we add chopped celery and potatoes and carrots.