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Unique chicken dish with cinnamon, cloves, allspice. The delicious aromas linger in the kitchen long after the chicken is gone. I once was lucky enough to have similar dish in the island of Siros, Greece. It had slight sweetnes to it, so I also added 1-2 tablespoons sugar. I also added splash of wine, not water, to get just a bit of tangynes. Excuisite!

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rosslare September 03, 2009

A very tasty recipe. I really enjoyed cooking it and eating it! But I must confess that I didn't use sheep's milk butter but oilve oil. I'm not fond of this butter in foods, I only use it on desserts. But yes it has an unique smell. Also I used only one dlove of garlic but next time I'll go for the hole amount!Thanks Kate for this glorious recipe!

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katia June 02, 2006

This was a fabulous dish. I used boneless chicken breasts, drained canned diced tomatoes and dried red pepper flakes, along with the rest of the ingredients as listed. The spice flavors come through, but are not overpowering. The pepper offers just the slightest bit of heat, but enough to let you know it's there. My juices really didn't thicken, but I guess that depends on how much water added, what type of chicken, etc. We had this with mashed potatoes and peas. The sauce was wonderful over the potatoes. Thanks for sharing this...it was a lovely change of pace.

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Karen=^..^= January 10, 2006
Chicken and Peppers from Epirus