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This was very tasty I did add a Tsp of freshly grated ginger to it.

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Norahs Girl September 21, 2001

Very easy, very good! I omitted the butter and threw the whole thing in the crockpot to cook all day. It's much like a "traditional" chicken soup recipe, but the lentils add extra nutrition and hardiness. Thank you!

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Vino Girl September 05, 2006

Oh, no. Interesting, but this isn't how Germans would do it. You need sliced frankfurter, or sausage, and carrot.

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John Skrable September 23, 2001

This recipe was ok. It was good but i probably will look for another chicken and lentil recipe since there was nothing really that special about it. Just like Vino Girl said it is like a "traditional" chicken soup recipe. I took the advice of others and added the garlic and ginger, and omitted the butter. Other than that i stuck to the recipe. I was not dissapointed though because it still tasted good, thank you Carla!

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my-first-word-was-EAT January 29, 2010

Tasty & easy. I took Norahs Girl's advice to add ginger - and so used rice wine as the dry white wine. Since I am attempting to go low sodium, I also added some garlic to give it some more flavor. Served it with French bread rolls.

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DebbyS February 17, 2009

Absolutely scrumptious, yum-yum-yum-tious! But as the result of a momentary lapse of judgement – the photographs are testimony to this – I ended up with ‘soup’ that could be eaten with a fork! Entirely my ‘fault’, but the soup/stew was just SO delicious! And the friends at work I shared it with all wanted the recipe. How did this happen? I feel much as Jack must have felt the morning after he’d thrown the magic beans out the window. Towards the end of the cooking time, the soup was looking a bit liquidy for my liking – I tend to prefer blended soups – so in a moment of foolishness, I threw in the rest of the packet of lentils. And I ended up with a ‘stew’ rather than a ‘soup’. This recipe really has multi-possibilities! If you want soup, add only the 1/2 cup of lentils specified; but if you fancy stew just chuck in a whole packet of lentils! I recently made Rita L’s Pork Pot Roast with Eggplant Pork Pot Roast With Eggplant (Aubergine), in a crock-pot, and after many hours of cooking had to remove a HUGE quantity of liquid, which I used as the stock required in this recipe. The combination of flavours – a truly magical blend – was such that in future making Rita L’s recipe will always precede making Carla’s Chicken and Lentil Soup. Next time, however, I’ll go a lot easier on the lentils! Great vegetable stew, but I’d like to explore the recipe’s potential as a soup! I basically doubled the recipe, and also added some red peppers – they looked so irresistible when I was buying the ingredients. Thank you Carla, for a great recipe! I sincerely hope to make a soup from it next time! And there will be a next time.

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bluemoon downunder July 28, 2005

Very nice soup. I did put in a couple of smallish roma tomatos, but they needed to be used.

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Countrywife December 23, 2004
Chicken and Lentil Soup