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I had made a chicken stew to use for several preparations, one of which was to make Chicken and Dumplings, so I only used the dumpling part of this recipe. The dumplings were light and had a delicious ('perfect' in my book) texture and flavor. I used melted unsalted butter instead of oil, and used a scant teaspoon of salt. I also cooked them close to 30 minutes. Just wonderful. DH was very suspicious - his experience had always been with heavy, gooey dumplings - but he loved this. The secret to a light dumpling is to never lift the lid until they're done (just like cooking rice). Thanks for a great recipe for an old standard.

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bkwilson April 22, 2009

Very good, very fast recipe that the family loved. The only thing I changed was that I used two sets of veggies. The first set of veggies I boiled with the chicken for flavor as the recipe stated. I discarded them after that( way to mushy for my taste). The second set of veggies I added right before adding the dumplings, and finshed the recipe the same. This step made the veggies firmer instead of mushy.

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Kelarae September 19, 2010

Although this dish is normally considered "comfort food" this simple recipe is worthy of a dinner party. I followed instructions tit for tat except that I used 3-1/2 lbs. of boneless, skinless thighs (my favorite in soupy chicken dishes because the rich chicken flavor does not get washed out). Your recipe rocks, Ms. Vezina! Thank you for sharing and know that this is now my default Chicken 'n dumplings recipe. Booyah!!!

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bo_green February 17, 2010

What I love about recipes like this is that it allows for the passionate cook to come out and play. And for the beginner cook, it is simple and straight forward. This recipe has virtually endless variations on what can be done with it. In my Dumplings I tossed in some Italian herbs and pepper. My 'Soup', loaded it up with all kinds of veggies, what ever is in season. Wonderful Chicken and Dumpling. This is a great recipe as is or made with the flavours you like. Either way, it is a keeper!

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sandesnow April 18, 2011

I'd never cooked chicken/dumplings before so I took the time to read the reviews--whew! WELL, I ended up letting the chicken boil (I cut this recipe down to use 1 lb of chicken breasts)--which only took 15 min to cook, not 2 hrs. Took about 2 cups water to cover the chicken. Hubby helped me out by telling me the dumplings would need enough liquid to "steep" in as they cooked, so I needed a "taller" saucepan (I was using a "longer" one so the chick would lay next to each other & cook equally). Good thing! The dumplings were easy to put together--and took about 15 min to cook (I cooked them 12 min; hubby said they needed a bit longer); I made them tbsp size but next time will make them smaller as they really did "poof!" I read the reviews about not opening the lid as the dumplings cook & that helped. It was a great recipe; one I'll hopefully repeat b/c it was great to be able to serve this to hubby :-) Thanks so much!

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LUVMY2BOYS September 28, 2011

This recipe, for me, was all about the dumplings, as I already make my chicken soup in a very similar manner. I made chicken soup the other day with homemade broth from my freezer, leftover rotisserie chicken, onion, carrot, celery etc. I'm not real adept at making dumplings but this recipe was so simple to make I could't resist. They turned out awesome! I added extra broth as some reviews said and also did not take off the lid on the pot while the dumplings were cooking until I was sure they were done. I left them to go at a good simmer for twenty minutes. I also followed the recipe exactly except I halved it, and there was plenty to go around. Leftovers were wonderful. Dumplings came out light, light, light, and fulffy! Delish! Thanks so much I'll use this again!

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Nougat December 20, 2010

Six thumbs up from three eaters--a winner at my house. I used my own chicken stock that I had made and frozen earlier, adding herbs and vegetables before putting the chicken meat back in. The dumplings were very satisfying. I might make just a little less dough next time, as there were too many dumplings to fit nicely in my pot. Someone with a wider pot will not have this problem!

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Omniveg October 06, 2010

Yummo! My family loved this chicken and dumplings recipe. The only thing I did different was used 3 pounds of chicken thighs.

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scrapbook cook October 02, 2010

I made this more or less along with the recipe, except that I used a can of cream of chicken and 6 chicken strips, so it was a smaller batch. The dumplings were so delicious though (I used the southern style instead) and the chicken broth gave them such a great flavor. I grew up on my mother's "German dumplings" which are very chewy. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but this is a nice change. Next time I will use a bigger pot though, as they expanded some and it overflowed a bit. The extra dough mixture (about half was left) went for a batch my mom made. That was a bit of a surprise as she's picky about dumplings. Just a tip to any one else who wants to make the southern ones: if you make your own chicken broth, make sure it's barely warm when you add it so as not to cook the eggs. Oh and I have to agree with another review, I think I'll make them a little smaller next time lol. Maybe I'll go by teaspoons instead for mini dumplings :) Either way, this was a hit for my family and DH. Thanks for sharing!

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Cypress January 03, 2010

This was awesome. Cooked it in a crockpot. I added 2 potatoes, 1 tsp poultry seasoning and 1 bay leaf. I added approximately 5 cups of water to the crockpot ontop of chicken and veggies. I cooked for about 6 hours, removed and shredded the chicken and put it back in the pot. The dumplings took about 45 minutes to cook. Will definitely make this again! Thanks so much for a great recipe.

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Renayda March 14, 2008
Chicken and Dumplings