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Since I don't have a pressure cooker, I had to improvise and just cook stove top in a dutch oven. But this is the recipe I was looking for. The dumplins are wonerful, the chicken is moist, and it has a wonderful chicken flavor to it. Growing up the recipe we were given was a milky, tasteless soup with chicken and biscuits from a can. I love this homemade from scratch recipe with rich flavors and honest to goodness dumplins. Thank you for posting!

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KatyMomma August 12, 2010

Delicious recipe after a a few changes...I had almost four pounds of bone-in skinless chicken breasts...but even if I had used 2 pounds, the liquid (I used chicken broth) in the recipe would not have been enough for the cooking process. After cooking the chicken and taking it out, I added the rest of one can of chicken broth and half of another one and brought that all to a boil before adding the dumplings. I only used about 2/3 of the dumpling dough. After the dumplings were cooked, I took them out, made a slurry with 2 heaping tablespoons of flour and the rest of the chicken broth and added it back to the pressure cooker with one chicken buillion cube. After stirring to combine, I added back the chicken, dumplings, and some frozen peas and cooked until they were done. With those modifications it was DELICIOUS!!!

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LearningKat January 27, 2013
Chicken and Dumplings