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I liked these, but I think that paying more attention to how the chicken is prepared would have made it much better. I baked chicken breasts and shredded the meat. That preparation seemd to really be lacking in the flavor department. Maybe sprinkling a little spice on them and then sauteing until golden brown would have given me that extra flavor I was looking for. I do really like the the rolled up and stuffed tortilla crisped up in the saute pan.

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tara portee June 17, 2007

What a great way to use up leftover chicken. Too easy. I burnt mine because I was trying to cook and chase a toddler at the same time! LOL. They were still yummy.

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dicentra December 12, 2007

I need to give props to "Oven flautas" from this site beacause I used some of the seasoning ideas from it! (chili powder, oregano, more cumin, garlic powder-gave it a nice kick!) I used taco sauce for the salsa, low fat cheese & a whole wheat tortilla. I cooked this in the skillet (my first time; usually I pop it in the oven!). It worked great but I should have cooked it longer to really get it crispy but I was distracted with other food preps & was afraid of burning it! Next time I will watch it closer :-). I was craving those resturant type flautas & this was a nice substitute; thank u for sharing.

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LUVMY2BOYS November 07, 2007

Hi Karen of Colorado, this was really very good! We did need more cheese than called for - also, as some other reviwer said, there really wasn't enough to go around if you don't measure ahead of time. Next time I thin I'll use 1 cup of chicken and up the rest of the recipe a bit. Will also add a little heat to give it that extra zing! :) However, I'd like to say that the residents enjoyed it very much. Thanks for posting, Diane :)

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Manami September 19, 2007

These were easy to make and we had most of the ingredients on hand. They were delicious! We served them with refried beans and spanish rice - and it felt like we were at a Mexican Restaurant!

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BeckaBoo March 20, 2007

Did what Sandy did and shallow fried these, but watch very carefully as they went really fast. Good and easy. I upped everything a bit and used the eight tortillas that came in the package. Be sure to divide the filling into the number you want before you start filling too. Mine looked just like the photo, very good and quick recipe!

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Kasha February 19, 2007

Mmmmmmmm..... (did I mention MMMMMMMMMMMMMM?) I admit to tweaking this recipe some based on what I had available (my lazy butt didn't want to go back to the store), but I think I kept the basic premise intact. I made podapo's Roasted Tomatillo Salsa to accent the flautas. YUM! I didn't have enough pepperjack cheese, so I used what little I did have along with some mozzarella and pecorino (WHAT?!) It was different, but good! Sorta Mexican/Italian. :lol: Also, I wasn't sure if the oil was supposed to go in the pan (as well as brushed onto the flautas), so that's what I did... sorta "shallow-deep-fried" them. Criminy, were they delish! Thanks, Karen... I knew I could count on you for another keeper!

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Sandi (From CA) February 08, 2007

wonderfull, exactly what I was looking for. Made a heap, ate 2 last night and froze the rest. Ray doesnt care for cummin, but he liked it. 2 things though, I tried to do them in a frypan and burnt one side a little, I think next time I will do them in the oven, or a sandwhich press. The other thing is that you really cant put a 1/4 of the chicken mixture on each tortilla, or the last two dont get any :)) I used home made tomato relish, and Hot pepper Jelly I got from here, very very good thanks again

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mummamills May 17, 2006

I sprayed these with cooking spray and oven-crisped them; they were pretty good. I think I'll add some drained, chopped canned chilies next time.

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Jeffsmom April 29, 2005
Chicken and Cheese Flautas