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These were very good, though I made some with grass-fed beef and some with chicken . I found (for me anyway) they were easier to make as rectangles versus triangles and I ended up with 39 total empanadas. My pastries were not 4X4 either (LOL) so some came out small while others were larger. Definitely some extra work, but WELL WORTH IT! I also brushed the tops with an egg wash, and they came out a lovely golden brown and the pastry was the perfect flakiness (gotta love puff pastry). These little bites were gobbled up by everybody very quickly. DH especially liked the chicken ones, while DD and I liked the beef - just personal preferences there. Thanks for posting lazy gourmet - made for the Diabetic Tailgate Party in the Diabetic Forum, September 2010!

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FloridaNative September 06, 2010

My picky DD demolished these! The filling was nice and not overpowering in flavor and the puff pastry baked to a "crusty" texture. Wonderful! Takes a lil' more time- but well worth it!! Will be making again. Made for The Groovy Gastrognomes for ZWT5 Zingo.

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kellychris June 12, 2009

Yummy and super fun to make!! The chicken and black bean filling was delicious. Along with the cilantro and other spices, I added a bit of white pepper and some fresh lime juice and also folded a little shredded colby-jack cheese into each empanada along with the filling. Had to keep slapping my BFs hands away from the 'pretty' ones before I got my photo taken! Served with homemade salsa and sour cream. (I made more filling than called for and ran out of puff pastry, so I decided to use up some sheets of Phyllo I had left over from an earlier recipe....used a pastry brush to spread butter between 2 sheets and rolled up sort of like an egg roll. WOW! Don't know what you would call them, but they were tasty too! In reality, this filling could star in all sorts of fun and delicious creations. Now I'm thinking chimichangas!!!) Made for the Zingo round of ZWT5.

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FolkDiva June 07, 2009

These are very good. I had to use up a variety of opened canned beans, so I used half of the black beans and half of the refried pinto beans. Boy, am I so full. I'm not a fan of beans but it was so good in it. I forgot all about the toppings while taking a photo of it but was too lazy to retake. I tried it with the toppings afterwards though. It's better with the salsa compared to the sour cream but still, I prefer eating it plain. Great make ahead! And with ready made puff pastry, yeah.. I too love it easy! Thanks for sharing, lazy gourmet. Made for ZWT5. Zaar Chow Hounds.

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Pneuma June 07, 2009
Chicken and Black Bean Empanadas