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These were really good. We used Frontera's New Mexico Taco Skillet Sauce for the chicken. Made for ZWT for The Fearless.

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Queen Dana August 11, 2012

4.5 stars, this was good and satisfying, but didn't quite make our hearts flutter. First, I cooked my chicken thighs as part of Pressure Cooker Chicken Fillets, Basis for Savory Pies Etc #195716 to save time; the flavoring was perfect for this recipe. I began cooking the pinto beans according to this recipe; I hadn't planned on 5 hours of soaking/cooking for the pinto beans, so after the 2 hours of soaking, I shifted to a pressure cooker: I poured the beans into the pressure cooker, added water to 2 inches above the beans, and pressure-cooked for 20 minutes; I then added the kosher salt and pressure-cooked for 10 minutes. Since I had noted very little water left after the 2 hours of soaking, I decided to drain the pressure-cooked beans and mash about half. That led to nice, thick refried beans. (If I had started with the pressure cooker at the beginning, the first round of pressure cooking would have taken only 30 minutes -- that 10 extra minutes would have shaved another 2 hours.) The beans tasted good without the use of oil or lard, a great calorie-saver over canned refried beans. I did not use MSG, don't trust it. Note that most pressure-cooker recipes for refried beans would have added the onion to the second pressure cooking round, and many would add 1 tablespoon minced garlic and 1 diced jalapeno or 2 oz. diced green chilies as well for extra zip. In this recipe the taco seasoning provided the sole spiciness. Assembled, the flavors came together as pure comfort food. We are looking forward to our leftovers. Thanks for sharing, Ingrid! Made for The Wild Bunch for ZWT8's trip to Mexico.

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KateL August 11, 2012
Chicken and Bean Burritos