Total Time
Prep 40 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is my absolute favourite dish to order when eating out. I found this on the web, posted by Amelie in Quebec, and it sounds like the real deal. Posted for Zaar World Tour 2005, I have not tried to make this one yet! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Cut chicken breasts into thin strips.
  2. Mix soy sauce, ginger, salt and garlic salt.
  3. Marinate chicken strips in the soy mixture for 30 minutes.
  4. In a frying pan or a wok, heat peanut oil to 375°F .
  5. Fry first amount of (blanched) almonds until golden.
  6. Drain well and reduce almonds to a powder.
  7. Prepare frying dough:.
  8. Using a fork, beat eggs.
  9. Still using a fork, beat in cold water, flour, salt, cornstarch and sugar.
  10. Dough will be a little lumpy.
  11. Set aside for 10 minutes.
  12. Add powdered almonds to dough mixture.
  13. Dip marinated chicken strips into frying dough/almonds mixture.
  14. Drain lightly and fry into very hot oil, until golden brown.
  15. Arrange chicken strips onto a serving plate garnished with fresh parsley sprigs, lemon slices and toasted almonds.
  16. Serve, coated with plum sauce.


Most Helpful

This was great, really crisp texture on the outside with a wonderful flavour and tenderness on the inside! I only had blanched almonds for the dough not toasted almonds for serving so I ommitted those. The only other thing I didn't have was plum sauce so made a sweet & sour sauce from red currants, but that was all strictly because of what I had and I know it would have been just perfect as posted.

Peter J October 09, 2008

I loved the ground almonds in the batter mixture, however I didn't like the fact the chicken was "black" from the soya sauce and I didn't like the ginger taste. Would make it again without the marinating. Sorry!

Nana Doris December 18, 2007

I was a little confused by the "plum sauce" in the ingredients and the "cherry sauce" in the directions. I enjoyed the chicken strips with rice and Sweet & Sour sauce. This is not a quick-easy dish, but the chicken was delicious, thus the 5 stars. I will make this again! Thanks for posting Leslie .

ElaineAnn November 01, 2006

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