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Love the orange slice idea! Updating my rating since the recipe has been updated; it will fit much better in the pan with breasts instead of a whole chicken.

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FLKeysJen July 19, 2007

This recipe was quite good. I am a citrus fan (lemons, Limes , and Oranges; I'm not found of grapefruit. The directions were easy to follow (I might give you a suggestion to change the onions to peeled and quartered instead of cleaned (unless you are just washing them and keeping the peel on, hovever I don't think that was your intention) I make errors often when I write out recipes. Other than that, I left out the parsnips (I personally just don't like them) and I added an extra 1/2 orange juice, and an extra pinch of cinnamon.) These however are just my personal tastes, and to be honest I probably change something on 95% of the recipes I make. (Even ones from the professionals) so don't take any of my changes personally. Leanne

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Chef at Heart March 18, 2007
Chicken Ala Orange Plus