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I agree with Elizabeth about the pizza stone and aluminum foil. I had tried numerous DDP recipes without the success I got from this recipe. I think using a pizza stone under the pan and aluminum foil above the are crucial in achieving balanced cooking of all the ingredients. Nordicware makes a beefy 9" round aluminum cake pan that works great for DDP. It's 2.5" deep, giving plenty of room for additional ingredients.

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Bill H. November 07, 2015

Using this process of preheating oven with pizza stone and aluminum foil is JUST what I've been needing to make my pizza the BEST! The dough cooked nicely without burning and the cheese melted just as it should. My dough recipe calls for 3/4 c finely grouned corn meal which is a must if you want it to taste like Chicago style, according to those restauranteers who make it locally in Chicago. I also add about 1T salt to give it that taste that none other has!

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ElizabethB0821 July 11, 2015

We were just in Chicago in June of this year to repeat a trip to Gino's East. The crust on this pie wasn't exactly like that but the dough was excellent in its own right. In fact I'm going to try it as a regular pizza pie. Honestly, it was the first dough I have Ever had any success in forming it into a pizza without it looking like a kindergarten craft project. I used two types of chicken sausage store made from the Italian market in Hammonton, NJ. It worked out great in this recipe.

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AcadiaTwo November 24, 2014

This didn't come out quite as good at the pizza we get a Giordanos when we visit family in Chicago, but definitely pizzeria quality nonetheless! I used hot italian sausage and sliced button mushrooms in mine, and I mixed some drained crushed tomatoes with some fresh pizza sauce that I had made the day before for the tomato part. The crust tasted a tiny bit flat, so I think I might add a bit more salt next time I make this, but otherwise it was perfect. My pie was pretty loose when I took it out of the oven, so I waited about 30 minutes to cut into it so it wouldn't be too sloppy to eat. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 2014

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Muffin Goddess May 11, 2014
Chicago Style Deep Dish Sausage Pizza - Real Deep Dish