Chicago Italian Beef

READY IN: 18hrs 10mins
Recipe by Moonbugz_

You'll be sorry you didn't grow up in Chicago, and eat one of those wonderful beef sandwiches from Carm's. This tastes identical. This wonderful recipe came from my sister Linda knowing how homesick I am for Chicago food. Start cooking 18 hours before you want to eat.

Top Review by RedVinoGirl

Moonbugz, this recipe is GOLDEN!!! I have tried about 5 different Italian Beef recipes from this site and AllRecipes trying desperately to make a beef like those I grew up on in Chicago. While many of them were decent, they weren't excellent and they certainly weren't authentic. I grew up near Carm's and while it wasn't my favorite place to get beef's, it was a definite contender. I followed your recipe pretty closely. I used two 2.5 pound roasts, used 2 packages of Italian Seasoning, used 1/2 of a large jar of spicy pepperoncini and used half of a large jar of HOT giardiniera. I omitted the green peppers because I didn't have them and also because my favorite beef's never included green peppers (unless you added them to the side) and HOLY COW were these off the charts EXCELLENT! My husband is from New York and doesn't know what an Italian Beef is and he's never thought much of all my previous attempts at making it. He couldn't stay out of my crockpot before dinner was even done! That is a HUGE compliment! Also, using two smaller cuts of beef caused the cooking time to decrease quite a bit. Mine was falling apart by the 13 hour mark. I'm salivating just thinking about the leftovers today and the gravy bread the day after that! TO DIE FOR! This is my official favorite Zaar recipe of all time - brings me home! Thank you Moonbugz! OUTSTANDING!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 5 lbs rump roast (do not substitute for a different type roast)
  • 2 (10 1/4 ounce) cans beef consomme (Broth)
  • 1 (1 ounce) package Good Seasonings Italian salad dressing mix
  • pepperoncini pepper (1/2-1 jars depending on level of spiciness)
  • giardiniera (1/2-1 jars)
  • 3 -5 sweet green peppers (according to size)
  • 1 loaf long thin French bread


  1. Cook first 5 ingredients in a Crockpot on LOW for 18 (eighteen) hours.
  2. Turn over at the 6th and 12th hour interval.
  3. At the 17th hour cut sweet green peppers into 1/8 ths lengthwise and cook in water on low heat until soft.
  4. Cut bread into 6 inch lengths and slice on the side lengthwise.
  5. Pull roast apart with a fork, and using tongs, pile bread with meat and juice.
  6. (Do not let juice drain before putting on bread. The juice is half the taste of the sandwich.) Lay strips of green pepper on top of the meat.
  7. Salt to taste.
  8. OPEN WIDE and enjoy the most wonderful taste sensation.
  9. May be frozen when cooked.

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