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This is simply the best! I just love this soup. It is somewhat similar to very good quality Japanese curry udon, but with more heat. It really does not take a long time to roast the aromatics, more like 12 minutes since you don't want to burn the garlic or they get hard - you just want the garlic soft enough to use the mortar and pestle to grind with other ingredients. I also used the gyoza wrappers for the noodles and cut that into 1/4 inch pieces. 2/3 of the pieces were boiled very quickly in hot water and drained. Washed well in cold water for 3-4 minutes just like udon - this prevents the noodles from becoming gooey and holds up better with tooth feel ie al dente. The other 1/3 of the pieces were quickly fried much like making Chinese chicken salad. I also used one roasted Japanese eggplant in the soup and I really liked this addition a lot. This will be a regular soup in my household. Thank you Leggy Peggy for posting this fabulous soup.

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Rinshinomori April 25, 2008

This was every sooo yummy and I will certainly be making it again and again. Coudn't get fresh tumeric, so used 1 teaspoon dried tumeric and it seemed to work out just fine. Next time will try for the fresh to see what difference it makes. Thanks Pegster!!

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MissMaggie November 08, 2008

I finally got around to making this soup and I am glad I did! I doubled the recipe and used won ton wraps cut into 1/4" noodles instead of the egg noodles. We all adored this soup. It's easy to prepare and has a most perfect balance of flavours. I loved the method of roasting and smashing in a mortar and pestle the aromatics of this dish, it created a smooth and well combined flavour. I definitely recommend adding the crispy fried noodles at the end as well as a slice of lime. Thanks for posting this recipe Leggy Peggy, it rocks!!

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ieatfoOOod January 08, 2008
Chiang Mai Curried Noodle and Chicken Soup (Kao Soi Gai)