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I was a cook for Chi-Chi and made many many 1/2 pans of this in my day...

The original recipe contains Half and Half as was stated above but it also included Cumin. For your batch, I would say approx. 1 Tbsp. This was was one of the only recipes that did not require a seasoning packet so it was easy to reproduce.

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Southridge 1man June 16, 2011

I was craving queso, specifically chi chi's queso, my all time favorite that I haven't had in years...went online and found this one! Loved it! I did add cumin (about 1/2 Tbs) and a splash (appr 1-2 Tbs)of fat free half and half. FYI... for individuals who can't find diced red peppers in a can, in my area of the US (Midwest) they are labeled as diced red pimentos. Enjoy!

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GoMoGo January 22, 2012

this recipe is very close to chi-chi's. however you need to add half & half to this recipe.

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gmatti801 September 10, 2008

I am a huge Mexican foodie and liked that this was different from my normal white cheese dip. I actually can't remeber what Chi Chi's queso tasted like, but who cares...this one is great. I used fresh red pepper instead of the canned and added milk to make it thinner. Definitely a keeper, thanks!

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dlinegar June 08, 2011

Thanks for posting this , Chi Chi's was My favorite as all my friends and x girlfriends would a test to ,,i ate there 3 or 4 times a month ,,Ive tried several times to do this recipe from what I thought mightve been in it from memory,,and it just never turned out quite right ,,I used your recipe tonight minus the red peppers and the green peppers as my grocery didnt carry them ( in a Crock Pot for 20 minutes) it was as close even still as I can remember w/ the Velveeta, garlic, jalepenos & green chilis ,, Thankyou again for posting

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levigarrett January 17, 2011

This is a great recipe and very very close to what I remember cooking when I was at Chi Chi's. I don't remember cream being in the recipe, but these are the minor tweaks I've done to get it to how I remember it tasting... (It's good on its own, or with slight modifications...) - cook/melt it in a crock pot, ready in about twenty minutes, stir often, keep on low heat or turn off heat when done so it doesn't burn. tastes better when it thickens up, if it's too runny it doesn't stick to chips and is hard to eat - I use fresh red and green peppers and just chop them up although canned is fine - using canned jalepenos and chop them up is fine too - canned chilis are fine, sometimes hard to find, but I've found them in the mexican section in safeway - velveeta works great for this - use less garlic, like 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder instead of 3/4, too much garlic makes it a little too strong Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It's awesome for the die hard Chi Chi's fans and ex-employees out there. :)

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zackst January 22, 2010

Chi-Chi's was our fave place to eat, and we were not happy when they all closed. The Chili Con Queso was something we got everytime. I have found many other recipes that claim to be it, but never claim close. This recipe is just like Chi-Chi's. I did however tweek it a little. I was unable to find canned red peppers, so I used a red bell pepper, and I sauted the green and red peppers together before adding it into the cheese. I also used a little more jalapeno and garlic powder. I also added a bit of onion powder. Then I let everything cook in my crock-pot. However I did add a little milk to make it not so thick.

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smwat03 May 27, 2009

I can't remember everything from 20 years ago but I definitely recall that cream was an ingredient.

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itaintabanana February 25, 2009

Consider me one of those people who were beyond upset when Chi-Chi's closed its doors for good. They slowly dwindled away until there were none left. Anyhow, among other dishes, I always loved the chili con queso. I've tried other recipe's in the past, using the block of velvetta as a starter. It was never even close to the chili con queso I remembered from Chi-Chi's. Over the weekend, I went out and bought all of the ingredients on the list, and thought I'd give it a try. I must say, this was very good. It tastes very, very much like I remember. It's extremely close, and it even looks identical to chi-chi's queso. By the way, someone mentioned that it gets very thick once it cools. Yep, exactly like chi-chi's queso always did. No need to add milk. Whenever you heat some up, via the microwave, it will be a perfect texture once again. Thanks for the recipe!

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MJM3000 August 03, 2008
Chi-Chi's Chile Con Queso