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A wonderful dish with zing! I usually use chicken breast cut into three parts instead of the whole chicken; it's just easier for me. If I'm only preparing a few enchiladas instead of the whole recipe I'll only make as many as I need and keep the remaining ingredients in the fridge. We don't find the leftovers as appetising when the tortilla is soggy from the sauce the next day. Overall a favorite recipe in our house!

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kymlindberg June 08, 2013

Excellent! I used chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken for faster cooking. Your special chicken recipe added so much flavor and made it so tender! I did not layer. I filled the center of the tortilla with chicken, sour cream mixture, cheese, and salsa. I then rolled them and set them side by side in the casserole pan. Added any remaining chicken on top of the rolled tortilla, smothered it with more cheese and salsa. I baked it in the oven for 5-7 minutes until cheese melted. Topped it off with scallions and chopped fresh tomatoes. Yum!

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ChoCho September 15, 2008
Chez Jose Lime Chicken White Enchiladas