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I really like this, and it's easy. I have done the basic mix. I tweaked it a bit, with some garlic and onion salt. I also added some cheese crackers and bagel bits. It's really versitile. There's just one thing,---my coworkers hoover it down, get addicted, and expect it of me now!! (I don't really mind!!) Marianna U. Kretschmer

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Marianna U. Kretschmer July 17, 2002

Dib's Thank you for a fast and simple but delectable recipe. We buy this in the bags from the store regularly. I decided to buy the cereal and try it on my own. I LOVED making it. The house smelled great ( I kept sneaking some from the oven) and it turned out great! I am practicing now so I can make "goodie bags" for the maintenance and office staff. This WILL be an addition to the candy and cookies I am making. I did add some garlic powder(1 TBSP) and no salt seasoning( 1 TBSP, stirred it in, after the first taste to give it a bit more zing. I will be making this regularly. It is gong into my FAVE cookbook. edited to add: the staff LOVED this. You got high 5's from all. I am making it again thsi evening as I type so there is dome for our holiday buffet table. Thank you again!

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Chef1MOM-Connie December 23, 2007

This stuff is great! I have tried making a few other chex mixes at home, but the con queso that I made is the best! The others just didn't have enough seasoning on them. I added a bit more regular taco seasoning to mine and used a chipotle taco mix. It didn't come out hot at all and is delish! I'm going to make this in double batches from now on and a lot more often. Thanks.

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Two Socks November 15, 2005
Chex Party Mix, Maple Nut, Con Queso and Caramel Crunch Mix.