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These came out wonderfully! The texture was perfect- a chewy on the outside, but still soft in the middle. I didn't have any issues with them sticking to the pan, and mine didn't spread out like some of the reviews said. They are a little on the sweet side for me, but that's it!

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fuzzisocks2203 May 18, 2011

Delicious Vegan Cookies! High Recommendations: -Use a cookie sheet that has double insulated walls for best results. (This is a good tip for most vegan, and some non-vegan, cookies.) The cookies will not burn and not flatten as much due to the air circulation between pan layers. My cookies are NOT flat at all using this type of pan. -There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be having a hard time with pan prep for these cookies. They are not any more time consuming than regular cookies. Your hands don't need to touch the mix. Simply use your tablespoon measure. Scoop the batter into it, scrape excess from the sides with a spoon, and place on sheet using the same spoon to lightly pull the mix out of the now upside down tablespoon measure. Nice round tops, thick cookies that bake up beautifully. Tips: I chose hazelnuts instead of chocolate chips. They incorporated into the mixture great and added a very nice balance to the sweetness. I used an additional teaspoon of baking powder (I used powder in the recipe, not soda) and an additional teaspoon of flax seed which added volume to the appearance of the cookies as well enhanced chewy texture. The above tips in the end yield more than 40 nice sized cookies. My results do not appear as flat or "crackly" as the pictured examples, although they all look yummy! Mine just appear more rounded and cohesive. I don't think any examples here are pictured with nuts so maybe the use of nuts may have an affect on my final results, along with the other tips I mentioned. They taste great! Good luck and happy baking! =)

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Surrender To The Flow December 25, 2008

These cookies have made it into my top ten list! While making these cookies I ran out of sugar. As the recipe called for 2 cups of sugar I knew I could make some kind of substitution. I used my last 1 1/2 cups of sugar and then added 1/2 cup sweetened coconut. I knew the coconut would add extra bulk, so I only used 1/2 the chocolate chips. The cookies were fantastic and I bake a lot.

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shtedford December 30, 2014

Yummy and easy. I did decrease the sugar to 1-1/4 cup. Which was still sweet with the added choc. chips. I also used 1/4 apples sauce, 1/4 coconut oil, 1/4 canola oil. Very rich still with the lighten up changes.

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mistykody October 20, 2013

These cookies are sooooo good! Delicious!!! I used half a cup of safflower oil, 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce. I only used 1 and a fourth cup raw turbinado sugar. I didn't have any flax seeds. I used 1/2 cup unbleached flour and 1/2 cup wheat flour. I added sliced almonds and choco chips (didn't have any vegan ones, so used the regular). The only thing that I had to fix was that my dough/batter was really thick. I had to add a bit more applesauce and soymilk. In the end they came out perfect!! Thanks for sharing!

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prettyleodia April 26, 2013

These were wonderful, i doubled up on the ingredients to make a batch to share with non vegan family. Me, my partner and our 2 year old boy are vegan, and the inlaws are too. my family how ever are not. There were a hit with everybody!! Tastes amazing and perfect balance of crispy/chewy. I swapped the oil for melted non dairy spread/margarine and only used half the amount as sugar suggested because when i measured the sugar at 4 cups it was just too much!! Also added chopped roasted hazlenuts to half of the dough. Will make again!! they are just so good!!!

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vegankatain March 17, 2013

These were awesome cookies! I used apple sauce instead of oil though and raw sugar. I did one batch with wheat flour and one with all purpose flour and both turned out excellent! they were perfect after ten minutes and very brownie like! i also added walnuts to half of each batch because that's what I like. I will be making these again.

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rainnbeau December 08, 2012

These were just ok. After 10 minutes I took them out and let them cool. They were no wear near done. I had to put them back in to salvage them. What a waste of work. The taste was fine but pretty sweet. They spread like crazy and were a little difficult to remove from the pan. Not a recipe I'd recommend. Sorry. Almost forgot, they don't hold together very well. Must be due to the flax/milk ratio. Crumbles easily.

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The Veganista March 18, 2012

I loved the cookies!!!! I didn't use the flax seeds because we didn't have any. I rounded the dough into little balls and baked. They came off the cookie sheet easily. They melt in your mouth. Their very yummy.

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lttlmama April 06, 2011

Wow! These are fantastic!
I was looking for a chewy cookie recipe that didn't need brown sugar, and I'm willing to bet this is the best one ever. It was even better than I was hoping. Chewy but with a delightful light crunch to the outside!
I changed a few things, and they came wonderfully. I didn't use the flax seed, and instead of soy milk I used fat free milk. I also used a 12oz bag of chocolate and peanut butter chips.
I think these may be the best cookies I've ever made!

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AirshipAlice January 28, 2011
Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies