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These are funky. It is hard to imagine WHAT these will turn out to be, but imagine a healthy bar cookie with some great unexpected tastes. I didn't have dill seed, so subbed in poppy. I also used maple syrup for the sugar. I did melt chocolate over the top and then salted the chocolate- it makes a huge yummy difference. Had two friends taste them and they both asked for the recipe. I think that you should judge these for yourself and try them.=)

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kaurorac July 22, 2010

Decided to give this a try and would definitely recommend to forgo the caraway seeds, and dill seeds, I didn't even use anise or fennel seeds but would probably not like those either. The caraway seeds ruined the other flavors by giving it an unnecessary bitter taste. The rest of the flavors go well together and created a delicious taste however.

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valnilla June 25, 2012
Chewy Seed Snacks