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Dy--no---mite! These are so moist & chewy! Very easy to make, I made them last nite before supper & they were a huge success. Toasting the nuts makes a world of difference in the final out come! I actually have a set of measuring spoons that measure pinch, smidgen, & dash! Never thought I'd use them. Great Brownies Steve!

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Iron Bloomers May 16, 2002

I am surprised that theses brownies are not on "The Most Wanted" list. They are incredibly DANGEROUS! You lose all self control. You cannot stop eating them. You think you can stop after eating one. But before to long you have eaten two, three, four more! The family will come home and there you will be hunched in the corner of the kitchen licking the crumbles from the empty brownie pan. So if you plan on making these make sure your have your friends around to give you moral support. Seriously, I followed the recipe exactly. These came out dark and chewy and yummy fudgey. Watch the cooking time by using the tooth pick trick then you are assured of a rich moist dark delightful bite of chocolate lovers heaven. Thank you Steve. HUUUGS

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Chrissyo June 14, 2002

WARNING: These brownies are so incredibly delicious you will lose all self control and may not be able to stop eating until all the brownies are consumed! I made the recipe exactly as directed using Sarotti extra-semisweet chocolate in a 8"x8" pan and served with vanilla ice cream topped with Lee Lee's Famous Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream Lee Lee's Famous Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream. My brownies were ready in 55 minutes. Do not over cook these delicious little gems. They are far too precious to wasted even a single bite! Thank you Steve! This recipe is a real winner!

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Bev May 28, 2002

I'm giving these 5 stars based not on my evaluation of their taste, but based on the fact that there were none for me to taste. I made a big batch of these as part of a "treat package" for another USMC family moving (long road trip with three kids to get to new destination). Of course, I made extra for my crew. Laid down to take a nap. Got up. No brownies. Not one left. I already have requests to make more.

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Bogey'sMom May 25, 2002

These are very good. I left the nuts out since the kids don't like nuts in their brownies. These are easy to make and do come out chewy and fudgey. Thanks for the recipe Steve.

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Shari2 May 18, 2002

So fudgy, and u just keep eatin more and more. I did of course mess this up like I always mess up the first time I make something. I used this new baking chocolate I bought, not my usual hersheys' choco. chips. And my brownies came out this light brown colour. I will not mess up next time I make this, and I know this is a great recipe even messed up! Thanks.

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Fandoos November 25, 2002

A real winner here! I used a little more than half a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips (out of regular baking chocolate), and they came out incredibly. Toasted a small bag of coarsely chopped hazelnuts and pressed them on top of the brownie mixture just before baking. I used a dark 8X8 pan, and baked for 25 minutes. Pure heaven. I have bagged up most of what I made and am sending it far far away from here, out with my husband tomorrow. Not because they were bad! Just too tempting to keep in the kitchen, close at hand. Thanks, these are really terrific!

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s'kat August 12, 2002

Yummmmmm is all I can say! These brownies were great -- and extra chewy, just the way I like them! I have been looking for a good homemade brownie recipe and this is the one. I left out the nuts (personal preference), and next time I will add chocolate chips in the batter mix for those wonderful extra little "bursts" of chocolate. Thanks for the recipe!

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AngelaTN June 02, 2002

I must admit that this is a wonderful medely of chocolate and texture that makes the mouth water and the tounge sing for joy at the first smell. The taste is even better!!! I've been in Japan too long, lol, starting to sound like Iron Chef translations, lol. This is a truely great brownie and I love it.

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~*Sarah*~ January 23, 2003

Ok I may be posting this against the rules as I did not make these brownies or even have a nibble. My daughter made these for her boyfriend for an anniversary treat, therefore we were not allowed to help or touch but she asked that I thank the chef that won over the heart and stomach of her BF. She followed the recipe exactly and was very proud of how the brownies turned out. Rich & moist. He told her they were the best brownies he ever tasted. So on behave of the love birds, we thank you Steve!

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Just Cher April 12, 2003
Chewy and Fudgy Brownies