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Yummy! I just got done making these last night and they tasted yummy! The only reason I gave it one star is that the oven temp and time are off. They were not done and I wasn't sure how long to let them bake. I was afraid to bake them too long as I didn't want them to be hard. Underdone was definitely yummy, but it was impossible to take them off of the cookie sheet and the ones I did get off, the undersides smooshed together. At $6 a can, it was a little expensive to not have a nice gift to give my friends. They were not presentable (but I made myself sick eating the yummy goodness!) With my next can I did try Chocolate-Dipped Almond Horseshoe Cookies, and the temp was 375 and they baked for 18minutes. That did the trick! Thank you! They were yummy!

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ssan4him December 22, 2009
Chewy Almond Cookies...wow!