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Followed directions totally except I had to stop cooking it after 6 hours. Turned out fantastic. Took half of the brisket to BF's house for he and his dad. Had some with just the juice and some with a marionberry spicy bbq sauce, YUM girl!

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riffraff November 11, 2002

I've never had brisket, much less ever made it, but then Cher sends me the Stubbs's marinade in the food swap so I thought I would make it. Well, I'm so glad that I did, this was simply wonderful. Great flavor, and so tender you could cut it with a fork. I followed this recipe to the letter, and the result was great. We absolutley loved this brisket, BF said, "give this one 10 stars" ...that pretty much says it all. Another great one from Cher.

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bratty March 11, 2003

cher, this is wonderful! it has been marinating in my freezer for 2 weeks now and i am so glad i finally pulled it out for dinner tonight. i did sear it but then i stuck it in my crockpot on low for 8 hours without any extra liquid. it came out tender and juicy. it had tons of flavor and i loved it. thanks for the recipe. *the first day we ate this it was a bit hard to slice and stringy but man the next day it was fabulous. i sliced it while it was still cold and reheated it with some of the cooking juices and it was not at all stringy. melt in your mouth yummy.

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taylortwo February 27, 2003

This is wonderful! We had our first snow of the season today and I had this on the menu, thought that it would be nice to have the oven going all day. I loved the flavor of the meat and the juices, I didn't add any BBQ. I have some left so guess what lunch is today? Well worth digging out that grill in the middle of a snow storm.

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Mysterygirl January 17, 2003

Very easy to make and the brisket comes out moist and tender. The flavor of the marinade really penetrates the meat. The only thing I didn't do was trim the fat from the brisket. I just couldn't bring myself to do it...I was taught to leave it on and cook with the fat side up so it melts through the meat. Otherwise I followed the recipe and we loved the results. Thanks Cher.

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Mark H. May 27, 2003

I took a 10+ pound (frozen)brisket on a campout. I used a Jumbo size ziplock bag to marinade it and kept it in the ice chest until it was time to cook it. The campground was crowded and we attracted a lot of stares when I threw that huge piece of brisket on the charcoal grill to "burn it". As soon as it was the right color I carved off the right size piece to fit into my crockpot - I cooked it on "high" for about 6 hours. The remaining piece I wrapped in heavy duty foil 3 times and put on the grill and SIL wrapped the entire grill in foil. We left camp (with our fingers crossed) to go kayaking. We returned to find both briskets were wonderful! The crockpot brisket was really good and moist - the brisket from the foil packet was kind of too crispy on the bottom...however, the top portion was SO GOOD! The whole campground smelled like brisket. There was plenty to share. I served the brisket with beans , fire roasted potatoes and BBQ sauce. It really was a nice memory....

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Jb Tyler, TX June 08, 2009

cher, this is delicious...no more slaving over a pit all day! this has the results of an all-day effort with a lot less work. first time, made exactly according to recipe, very good. second time, added garlic, worchestire (sp.), and coarse ground pepper to marinade. added a little zip! watch the brisket when you are browning (searing) over the hot grill. i use a charcoal grill, and it flamed up so much that the brisket got really, really burned and even after cooking in oven, was barely edible. luckily, the other brisket i was cooking at same time did not get burned. so if you're using a charcoal fire, might want to keep a close eye on it! again, cher, thanks for a great recipe!

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susie61 October 22, 2008

Wonderful cooking method! My brisket was small so at the last minute I decided to try to cook some bone-in chicken breasts the same way. The chicken hadn't marinated overnight, but I put it in a ziploc bag with garlic, lime juice & lime/pepper seasoning. I seared both brisket and chicken on the grill. then popped them into two different heavy-duty foil cooking bags, sealed them up and cooked for 7+ hours. I did add the chicken 'marinade' in with the chicken cuz i was afraid they would dry out. I just read below I should have been cooking at 250, but my oven was set on 200 and both meats came out perfectly cooked, moist & delicious! Thanks!

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ellemaytx July 05, 2008

I was a brisket 'newbie' but I feel like a pro now! This recipe is GREAT!!! So easy to do, and such good results. I left some of the fat on it and "OMG" was it good! THANK YOU SO MUCH<

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868773 June 21, 2008

This was my first attempt at a brisket and I was so pleased with the results. I followed your recipe exactly, though I cut it in half as my roast was only about 3 3/4 lbs. I marinaded it for one day and cooked it the next. After it cooled I sliced it about 1/4 inch thick with my meat slicer. I placed all the sliced meat along with the juices in the refrigerator until the next day. It was like marinading twice! The searing on the grill is what makes this recipe. Don't skip this step! I can't wait to make this again. I want to try adding a dash of liquid smoke to the marinade and onion to the roasting process. I can't thank you enough Cher for a fantastic recipe.

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Deely July 04, 2007
Cher's Char-Grilled Oven Brisket