Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed With Spanish Olive Tapenade

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

A great little appetizer adapted from Gourmet magazine. I do hope you enjoy!

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  1. Make the tapenade:.
  2. In a food processor, pulse the olives until chopped fine. Add the remaining tapenade ingredients and pulse until olives are minced.
  3. With a sharp knife, slice the stem end (1/4-inch down) and the bottom (1/8-inch up) from each tomato and discard.
  4. Using a 1/4 teaspoon, remove the juice and seeds from each tomato half, leaving the outside shell intact.
  5. Spoon a generous 1/4 teaspoon of the tapenade into each shell and garnish with the parsley.
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Does not get any better! Thanks.

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Very tasty little appetizers that everyone enjoyed. I liked the contrast of the cool tomato with the saltiness of the olives. I agree with cookiedog's review that they are somewhat time-consuming and a little bit difficult to prepare. However, when I saw how much everyone enjoyed them, I definitely felt it was worth it. Thanks, Sharon!

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These were really pretty and quite tasty! They do take a some time to make so I would plan on much longer than the 20 minutes. I would suggest using medium to large size cherry tomatoes because if they are small they are very difficult to scoop out. It also helps to use a small paring knife to run along the inside edge. Thanks for the recipe Sharon!