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Great early dinner for us tonight. I used a pre made pizza base and lots of mini boconcini balls cut in half. I did not use rocket but spinach shredded from the garden and also threw in a few mushrooms. Very enjoyable !!

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katew July 05, 2010

I made focaccia and went with that as the pizza base and used this topping. It was delicious. I had bought fresh mozzarella this morning and this was a great recipe to use it in as all the ingredients were so complementary. Loved the rocket - really packed a punch in the taste.

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evelyn/athens June 13, 2008

Outstanding delicious oh so tasty gooey fun. Another unbearably hot day in early September. The farm is dry, no one felt like cooking in the hot kitchen so we came upon this treasure. I followed this exactly, except I put the pizza on the grill so as to not heat the kitchen even further. I had already grabbed some Bocconcini from our local Wegmans. I had some fresh basil and some special dark lettuce and of course the obvious abundance of large cherry tomatoes. I had to quick and grab a picture before the whole pizza was gone. Ironically, I had already made pizza dough this morning so this was a perfect delicious treat, to finish a hard, but satisfying day on the farm. Thank you so much Chef floWer, as always you have a winner!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm September 08, 2007

I used a slightly different dough recipe and none of my Italian markets had rocket. I liked the idea of the contrast between sweet tomatoes and slightly bitter greens, so I thought about it and bought mustard greens. I tore it up and pressed it into the dough before baking. The greens wilted and slightly charred, and were simply delicious. I also sprinkled with chopped scallions, just because we like them. We really enjoyed this for dinner tonight.

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duonyte May 11, 2007

For looks this definately is a 4 star but I'ms sorry to say for flavour we found it to be very bland and would give it a 3 star rate. I don't think it made a lot of difference I had to use dried oregano and chopped regular tomato. I used all three cheeses, perhaps if there were more parmesan cheese it might not have been so bland. Couldn't find any rocket, had to use iceberg lettuce. Really like the idea of finishing it with lettuc/rocket garnish, it gave it a nice freshness and added a little crunch. We like our pizza with a thin crust so I used oblong shaped wraps/tortilla, turned out a nice crunchy crust. Thanks for posting! I would like to try it some time with some good "stinky" cheese.

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Derf April 13, 2007
Cherry Tomato and Bocconcini Pizza