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WOW, these were beyond great, way beyond! I had no troubles whatsoever with the dough-it came together perfectly and had a really nice consistency. Since there were no fresh cherries available, I used canned ones, drained them very well, reduced the sugar a bit (I used normal brown sugar) and proceeded as stated in the recipe. The scones browned very nicely and tasted heavenly! Not overly sweet, fruity and flaky (but not dry). I can honestly say that this is one of the best scones recipes Ive ever tried! Thank you so much for sharing, BabyKato! Made for 1-2-3-Hit-Wonders February 2009.

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Lalaloula February 28, 2009

I must start by saying that I make a lot of scones, I love them. I was a bit cautious because of the previous reviews and thought the I might have to amend the dough some. However, I found it to be a wonderfully workable and not in the least sticky. It required no additional flour. The flavors work beautifully together (cherry and almond, yumm) and make a that would be suited to family and guests alike. The cheese and cream spread (I didn't add cherries) will make the most decadence loving guest smile with delight. I did need to bake them an extra 7 mins to get a blush of gold but all ovens differ and I don't find that to be a recipe flaw in any way. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia September 09, 2008

I did not get a scone dough out of this and had problems following the recipe. You might want to add cutting instructions, i was a little lost. The taste was good but there was no need for the cerries in the cream.

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Iceland August 23, 2008

These taste just heavenly. And the smell in the kitchen while they were baking was just unbelievable. Unfortunately, I had a few difficulties making this recipe. The dough is very wet, and doesn't really knead without the addition of a whole lot of extra flour. When I mixed it up, I had a great drop biscuit dough, but had to add about 1/2 cup more flour to get a sliceable scone dough. I also couldn't figure out how to cut the circle into nine pieces without doing a bit of geometry, so I went with eight. The ginger is an absolutely genius touch, and the mascarpone cream is so good, it didn't really need the cherry pieces suggested. I decided to leave it plain, and enjoyed every bite.

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EmmyDuckie August 22, 2008
Cherry Mascarpone Cream Scones