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Fantastic deep cherry flavor! I did make one batch as written, and another batch with dried tart (but sweetened) cherries. For the dried cherry batch I used almond extract instead of the kirsch. I liked both. The fresh cherry batch appealed more to the adults, the dried sweetened cherry batch appealed more to the kids. I took the leftovers from each and combined them. Yum. This didn't freeze completely for me, either, though it was in a very cold deep-freezer for over four hours. I might make a batch of vanilla ice cream and swirl this together with the vanilla, next. Thanks, Annacia!

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Susiecat too August 05, 2008

The flavor of this was absolutely a revelation!!! I just expected some sno-cone like cherry slush, but the texture of this was really creamy, and the FLAVOR? It's cherry, but not like any artificial cherry. The cherry tastes so "real-cherry" and the flavor just explodes and the palate. WOW! I had let this sit in the freezer longer than I had intended, so it basically froze inside a plastic bowl. I just ran some hot water around the sides (the way one would loosen a jello mold) and cut it into chunks and pulsed in the food processor. I had to be careful, though, because it had not frozen into something with ice crystals throughout and was almost soft enough to eat right out of the freezer container. We loved this!!! Thank you.

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Sue Lau May 01, 2008
Cherry Ice