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These really are amazingly light and tender scones! The instructions were great, and the tips to produce perfect scones were invaluable. I had to use a 9" pan but that just made the scones a little thicker - they still came out superb. I didn't have any dried cherries so I used goji berries (my one nod to healthy eating). I also didn't bother with the glaze -- the scones were lightly sweet by themselves and really didn't need the extra sugar. If not for the heavy cream I'd be making these weekly for sure!

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Chilicat May 26, 2007

Absolutely delicious! These are appropriately named. My DD couldn't wait for them to be finished - and inhaled one as soon as they were cool enough! DH ate one the next morning (I finished them at 930pm). I found they froze solid in 3 hours or less using an upright freezer (commercial grade). This was my first attempt at making scones (although I LOVE eating them)- so I am sure someone more adept at baking would turn out a nicer looking product. Serious 5 star flavor! Thank you for posting!!

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Mommy Diva March 08, 2007

So temder and flakey! These were so delicious and i am glad we decided to make these. I used dried cranberrys that were cherry flavored. I can't wait to make these again.

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Food4Pedro November 06, 2005
Cherry Cream Scones