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Four cups of cherries was not enough so I added frozen strawberries to pie plate. Poured cooked cherries over the strawberries. Instead of making the topping, I thawed a pie crust and butter both sides and randomly placed over the fruit. After baking for 25 minutes, I sprinkled a little sugar over the crust and baked for 5-7 minutes longer. Family loved it.

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Fenix53 June 20, 2014

Da-da didn't have any cherries, so he used all the limes and frozen chunks of some kind of freezer fruit and mixed all all up (of course doubling the recipe) as well as adding all kinds of things he needed to get rid of in the fridge -- 3-day-old bacon, a black banana, last week's PB&J (cut up), some 6-month-old jackfruit that was so expensive Da-da was reluctant to throw it away, a touch of Venezuelan ham (Da-da THINKS it was ham) -- tossed it all in the baking dish, covered it (quadrupling the sugar and cinammon and adding oats and coconut and the odd walnut shell), and baked it till it was miserable. Truly fantastic. O'course, Da-da made this cherry cobbler the right way before that and it was excellent, though he omitted the cherries again and used some kind of fruit he wasn't sure humans could eat. Turns out we could!

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AManCalledDada August 08, 2015

I added vanilla and some oats to the topping... seemed a bit dry when I first ate it... that's cause I added the oats... when it cooled off it was much better. The kids and hubby loved it so I am giving it a 4 star. Great for breakfast!

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Seasons August 26, 2013

Good, basic recipe. I had use up 2 bags of frozen cherries that had thawed by the time I'd gotten home from the store. I didn't have enough, so added 2+ cups of frozen peaches to the mix. My guess is, as long as you have between 4-6 cups of any frozen fruit, this will work. I cut the sugar by half and replaced it with Splenda. And I used whole wheat flour, which is the only stuff I've got. I might try adding a little bit of quick oats to the topping, as we ate it for breakfast this morning. Baked it in a 7.5X11" glass pan.

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OliveLover March 06, 2010
Cherry Cobbler (Frozen Cherries)