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I had no oranges, but I have this Meyer lemon tree in my living room, and all the lemons are ripening. So I subbed lemon juice and zest for the orange and used lemon extract instead of vanilla. They came out excellent! Winter is really dragging on here in Chicago and I needed a taste of spring. I love the light summertime flavor of the lemons and cherries in this biscotti and I got to use one of my fresh lemons.

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Andi the grate March 21, 2008

These were absolutely fantastic. I made them for a tea with my girlfriends, and they ate almost the entire batch. Someone started spreading different jams on them, and we all became hooked. I used craisins instead of cherries and tangerine zest and juice instead of orange. I loved how they were perfectly hard, - not so much that they hurt my mouth to bite them. Wonderful - I look forward to making them again. Thanks for posting, Gingerbear!

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MorningGlories January 04, 2008

This is the first cookie selection for my baking trays for the holidays. If this cookie is any indication, my friends and family are in for a real treat. For a change, I made the batter exactly as presented with no modification. Since I was looking for a somewhat smaller cookie, I made 3 8-inch long bars a bit narrower than 2 inches. The biscotti just about doubled in size so I still had about 40 decent sized cookies in scale to my needs. As for the dough, it was a bit sticky when I finished using the mixer but stiffened up as I hand mixed in the cherries so no additional flour was needed. Initially, the full cup of cherries seemed like a lot nut I love that my cookies were chocked full and of fruit in just the right quantity. The cookies were still a bit soft after the second baking so I did wait about 10 minutes before turning and doing the third and final baking. The resulting cookie is just wonderful - based on my sampling of the little ends. The light orange flavor marries so nicely with the cherries and walnuts. I just know these will be a big hit. Thanks Secret!

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justcallmetoni November 26, 2005

I made some substitutions in this recipe (lemon juice & zest instead of orange, cranberries instead of cherries, no walnuts). The only trouble I had was working the dough, but I tried chilling it for ten minutes and that fixed the problem. Overall these were excellent & the recipe stood up very well to the substitutions. I am going to make a few more batches for some birthday presents.

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Kitty Z August 29, 2003
Cherry Biscotti