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Loved it! I had the time, and the berries so my filling was cherries and blueberries, I also made my own crust. Since I did not use canned cherries I added 2 tablespoons of lime juice to help make more "goo". I also cooked my pie in a cast iron skillet. I find with berry pies the heat from the iron helps keep the bottom crust firm & not soggy. Super easy recipe to put together-loved the flavor-will make again, so my husband tells me! Thanks for posting!

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Dib's August 05, 2014

This pie is delicious! It is a snap to put together and the taste is wonderful. I like sweet and I love cherries. The addition of berries is a perfect combination. I wouldn't change a thing to this recipe except for making my own pie crust when time permits. Thanks for sharing!

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Lainey6605 January 04, 2009

I wanted so badly to love this pie. It is a snap to put together from ingredients that are fairly inexpensive and easy to get. Plus, making this type of pie from scratch takes me forever because cherries are so labor intensive. I had to bake this longer than indicated, and even after resting for hours it was way too loose. It was also a bit sweet for me. Heating it up and melting a big scoop of vanilla ice cream over it added to the enjoyment and cut the sweetness. If I made this again, I would thicken the filling more and maybe use less sugar due to the pie filling. ETA: Ok, so this is a completely different pie after a day in the fridge. The sweetness really mellowed out and it held up far better. It was kind of like a cold version of a McDonalds cherry pie with berries.

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jackieblue April 06, 2008
Cherry-Berry Pie