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Fantastic recipe - was the hit of Passover! I recommend it, and the comment before mine about the loose consistency was helpful, because I decided to leave some matzo chunks instead of totally mixing the matzo in to a completely liquid consistency. The chunks not only made the consistency better, but tasted delicious. I also baked slightly longer than recommended, and let sit for about 30 minutes after baking. Also, the cinnamon is not mentioned anywhere after the ingredients, but I sprinkled it liberally on top of the kugel before baking it, and it tasted delicious. Lastly, I used a mixture of red cherries in syrup and black cherry preserve and it added great flavor. This is delicious - thank you so much for sharing! :)

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honey9634 April 22, 2011

Great recipe! I followed the advice and didn't dissolve the matzoh, and ended up using an entire jar of preserves and another of cherry pie filling. It was gone before I knew it!

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krista m. April 09, 2012

I found the taste to be excellent, but the consistency was loose-I was unable to cut it into pieces-we ate it with a spoon !

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ltsgho April 13, 2006
Cherry Apple Matzoh Kugel